The Sanderson Afternoon tea

I love afternoon tea, I love the nostalgic, relaxed atmosphere and absolute indulgence you get from an afternoon of eating and drinking until you can no longer move. As one of our new year goals, my colleague work partner in crime, Grace and I decided to treat ourselves to afternoon tea in London. After some searching,  I thought we would jack in the idea of going for a traditional tea at the Ritz and booked a table at the Sanderson in London, located just off Oxford street, for their famous Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea.

We took a day of work and travelled down one sunny Friday in July. We booked the table a few months in advance as we both needed the day off work together but it was very busy so I would recommend doing the same.

The weather was glorious so we were happy to see we were going to be seated outside, but even if the weather is not so kind it is completely covered so as long as the temperature is agreeable you will be fine out there, it did not feel like we were sat in the middle of London which was great as I returned from Spain the week before and wasn’t ready to face England. 

We opted for the champagne tea which was £48, we had booked a Friday off and we had planned to carry on our drinking after, this was the perfect way to start the day. The food was what you would expect for that price, absolutely amazing, and the staff and service were second to none. I have never felt so spoilt in my life, the food was un-friggin-limited, I was disappointed when I was full after the first serving.

 I also ordered the strawberry and cream tea, however, I would I recommend the mint and choc chip tea as well if there are two of you because they are both delicious.

For any tea lovers out there I still wholeheartedly recommend this hotel. I have noticed that since writing this post they have started a Tipsy evening tea which I can’t wait to book in for. Just a side note this was posted in 2015 so prices may have changed since. 

This year I am desperate to try tea at Fortnum and Mason, Sketch, BB Bakery bus tour, and the beauty and beast themed tea in London and the book and tea barn in Warwickshire.  Does anyone else have any good afternoon tea recommendations?

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