Make your mornings matter

Mornings are definitely a mixed bag of feelings. For some it is full of dread ‘Same sh*t Different day’, those feelings that went away during your dreams reappear in the pit of your stomach and you realise that Luke Pasqualino never called to invite you to party. For others, mornings signify a fresh, new opportunity to start your life the way you want to. For me I like to adopt the latter, I do believe that whatever happened yesterday is in the past. The morning marks a new beginning and the start of something good.

These are my tips to ensure you make your mornings matter

Prepare the night before, I know cliché but like my dad has always told me fail to prepare, prepare to fail and it’s so true. I know you are probably tired in the evening and desperate to get into bed to start your Netflix binge but preparation makes your morning more manageable. Organise your food, clothes, towels and what you want to achieve for the day.

Set your alarm with plenty of time, don’t start your day by giving yourself the bare minimum to get ready. There are so many wasted hours in the morning. I love to sleep, I love lying in my bed as the sunlight comes through thinking about how wonderful it is, but more so than that I love my life. I love a lie in from time to time but I am happy to sleep when I’m too old to do anything else. Right now I would rather seize the day and experience and achieve everything I possibly can. Get up and get on with your day, and try not to snooze that alarm, you will be grateful for how much you can achieve before you get to work.

Get up and do some exercise, I know I sound mad, getting up in the morning is a struggle in itself but nothing makes me feel better than completing a run, or finishing my spin class before my usual alarm would have gone off. Your morning will start with a massive sense of achievement, and it makes me feel so much more positive and alert for the rest of the day.

Whether you exercise or not, get up and shower. There is nothing a hot shower and clean warm towels cannot fix. I don’t wear much makeup to work but I do make sure I don’t look like a complete tramp, contrary to what my boss may think. As I am around horses a lot I use the morning to make a bit of an effort for me. I straighten my hair, moisturise my skin and spray my favourite perfume. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s the one that kicks off your metabolism and if like me you are dreaming of having a body like Emily Ratajkowski this is hugely important. Start your day with goodness, greens, H2o and most importantly for me, green tea. You will feel so much more energised at work.

For those of you that wake up with a feeling of dread in the morning, list five good things going on in your life. Reflecting on the good and being grateful for those moments, really helps to improve optimism for the day ahead. 

Embrace your day, I am not saying you can never be sad but the things you are worrying yourself with are probably way out of your control, will probably never happen, and in a few weeks will not even cross your mind. So embrace your day for what it is. If you start your morning well you are already a massive step ahead of most people.


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  • I came across your blog on Vix Meldrews twitter promoting her post she write and I love your content so far. I have to agree with everything you said here, I have always been someone who wants to make sure I waste none of my weekends especially so like to get up at the same time as during the week or slightly later. I prepare the night before as well, making lunch and setting out work clothes etc, and running around finding things I always loose like my glasses LOL. Exercise and Eating are two things I have only recently started doing – I now walk my dog for 20-30mins and make sure to eat SOMETHING! Stops hangry Sara come 10am. 😀

    Loving post, I love reading lifestyle posts that I can relate to.

    • It really does help doesn’t it! I am such a morning person but I think getting out of bed is so much easier if you know you don’t have a ton of shit to do! A dog walk is the nicest way to start the day I think!

      Thank you for the lovely comments about my blog, I really appreciate them!


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