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Last week I finally purchased one of Johanna Basford’s colouring books for adults. I have been eyeing these up for a while in Urban Outfitters and Waterstones but with gym, work, horses, house purchasing, and a new venture in the pipeline I don’t seem to have enough time to eat and sleep let alone think about colouring ready prepared images. This was until I explained the situation to my friend and she reminded me that was the whole point. My life travels at 110 mph and I need time away from the technology that lives on my bed to actually find time to reflect. So point was made, along with the purchase.

I currently work for an Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists so Mindfulness is something I hear a lot about. Mindfulness is being able to understand what is going on inside and outside of yourself and making yourself more aware of the moment you are living in. When you start to become more aware of your feelings and how you feel in that exact moment you begin to find gratitude for things you often would have taken for granted.  Research done by the Mental Health Foundation states that 59% of adults in the UK say they are more stressed today than they were five years ago. Like many I find it difficult to override the feelings of anxiety and overthinking with more positive thoughts, mindfulness helps me deal with these thoughts, it gives me chance to think of all the elements in my life that make me so grateful to be me.

In the last couple of years mindful colouring has swept the globe. With many editions available to buy Johanna Basford’s are definitely my favourite. Her images are all hand drawn and are literally magical, I was so mesmerised the first time I saw them I knew I needed them in my life. Since I bought The Enchanted Forest  last week I have struggled to put it down, coming from someone who flits her time between mac, phone and ipad this is the exact escapism I needed  to put life into perspective. Even away with work this weekend my colleagues were asking about it all and whilst some loved the idea others were still a bit confused as to why I was reverting back to a childlike state (trying) to colour in between the lines. It took me a while to realise why I loved this book so much and it really is simple; you cannot feel anything but joy whilst colouring in. You cannot feel stressed, upset, angry or fear when you are colouring in a fluffy rabbit in an enchanted forest. You can still keep a full conversation or have music playing in the back ground. It involves no thought or concentration. I like to be creative but I find with drawing and editing that you cannot clear your mind because you need to think of what you are trying to achieve.  If you are feeling that life is running at full speed and you are not getting enough time to really appreciate how happy and great your life is I really do recommend buying a copy. I love reading books but I do often struggle to concentrate on them when I am in a noise or busy place, these books are a great way to escape from your morning commute or your 7pm slump in front of the rubbish on tv.

For her full collection visit Johanna Basford at


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