All the times Urban Outfitters got it right.

These are all the reasons Urban Outfitters got it so right all the time, you really don’t need any other retail store in your life!

They can bring anything back and call it Retro…

Who knew you would need an old Calvin Klein sweater at £90? Didn’t dad have one of these with those baggy stone washed levis? I swear he must have kept it. If not £90 is fine! I NEED this jumper in my life, think how sexy and cute I will look in bed in this jumper and socks because when else am I going to need another oversized grey jumper?

Fila was that even a thing? I can’t remember seeing anyone being proud of it at school? give it to UO, stick a good price on it and it’s now cool. Where was this store 15 years ago when I was having arguments with my mum that I couldn’t be seen dead in this stuff!

Brings out your inner geek chic…

They sell everything you thought time had forgotten and everything time has not yet experienced. You can dress HOWEVER you want and you look cool, denim skirt, turtle neck and oversized specs. Tick, C’est Chic.

Their underwear is beyond words…

It’s true, their underwear makes me feel like an Agent Provocateur model, so pretty and sooo much lace. Does nothing for support but who cares when you look this god dam pretty!

Gifts for everyone…

It’s your friends birthday and you realise you haven’t bought her or him anything. UO will have it! Books, shoes, accessories, mugs, phone cases, chargers, self help guides, vinyl’s I mean if they are not happy with anything off that list are they really worth being friends with?  My best work buddy received a how to make your cat insta-famous (a must have in this day an age), Young, Sexy and Broke traveller’s guide and an inspirational offensive mug from me last year and she loved it, or did a good job at pretending!

Books for every life situation you are experiencing…

I don’t think there is one person who could go into UO and not find a book that relates to them, they have books for the optimists, the pessimists, the cooks, the fashionistas and the bums that just love wasting time. I go round and round that table looking at all the purchases I would make if I could afford them. I mean £20 for a book which gives you ideas on what lists to write is definitely time and money well spent! Saying that, this was the place that inspired my new found colouring addiction. They can really sell anything!

Outfit for that night out…

You don’t want to be seen on a night out in Topshop or River Island. You are not one of those girls. So you head to UO they will have something completely different to the rest of the girls going out and you will feel superior as you are no high street kind of girl, even if it does have so little material it looks like something you made in GCSE textiles.

Jewellery you never knew you needed…

It’s right near the till, it goes perfectly with your new outfit, you feel so cool and carefree being in there, you know you will regret it if you don’t buy it. You buy it, and theeeen you it you never wear it. Obviously. Who needs and oversized gold triangle on a chain?

Designer underwear you never knew you needed at that price for the gym but you do now…

Calvin Klein underwear in the gym section, this is new! I do need a new sports bra and these do look great, matching gym underwear will help me catch the attention of that guy I keep bumping into there. He will definitely be able to tell I have just spent £70 on matching bra and pants and fall in love with me. Purchase made. Thanks UO you are just like cupid!

Mug memos to remind you being Beyoncé is in reach…

Some days all you need is some mug inspiration to get you through the day and UO knows this. They are all over the mugspiration, its covered girls. Get back to winning at life whilst drinking your morning black coffee!


I don’t think you need any convincing that UO is your best friend in a shop. They have you covered all you need is a glass or wine or two before you go in and an ability to not care what you spend on a jumper your parents once owned!   

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  • Truth has been spoken. Yet when I head over to UO I must sadly admit I have a shopping bag filled to the notch with things I like to drool at… Oh well.

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