Festivities and lifelong friends


This weekend I spent a festively fun filled weekend reunited with my amazingly beautiful Cardiff girls.
After five longs years of not seeing some of them you could say I was a teeny bit apprehensive, Will we still get on? Will we have anything to talk about? Will we like doing the same things? I really didn’t know what to expect from the whole weekend.

Within minutes of the group reunion being set up I was on to my friend offering myself to sleep on her sofa, (no choice was given) so after 5 years it was arranged that all 8 of us would meet in London for some festivities and a huge amount of drinking or catching up? I can’t remember which the occasion was for.  

The moment we sat down together on Friday night, no justifiable reason came to mind as to why I would leave it so long without seeing these absolute delights, the conversation, laughter and cocktails just did not stop flowing all night!

The one thing I loved the most about the weekend was that it was just so chilled out, we didn’t care where we went if someone had a suggestion we did it if we were hungry we ate and everyone cared about drinking so we drank… A lot.
On Saturday a guy asked me ‘are you really friends if you have not seen them in five years?’ he made a valid point, and yes we did leave it too long, with social media and WhatsApp it is so easy to feel included in people’s lives without going to see them but after this weekend I can say absolutely we are still friends. As you grow older the things you look for in a friendship changes massively, and enjoying company, being genuinely pleased for someone and the going ons in their lives and having fun is exactly what we want!

So I can safely say it won’t be left 5 years again – partly due to the fact that the throwback photos were so goddam awful we cannot experience that when we are 30 throwing back to 25. But mainly due to the fact that I had one of the best weekends of 2015 with 10 (we found an extra two on Saturday night) of the most genuinely lovely, intelligent and amazing girls I have ever met. We were just a group of girls who were thrown together in a big city, clicked from the moment we met and made incredible lasting memories and I definitely want more of that in my life. So next stop Swansea.




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