Timing is everything – Ted Talks

We all know Ted Talks have set a bench mark on motivational talks, it doesn’t matter how you are feeling about your life and career, whether you need motivating, inspiring or just to listen to like-minded individuals there is a talk for you.

I was talking with a friend not so long ago, off loading my current situation of being 25 and still not 100% sure on what I wanted to be when I ‘grow up’. People kept telling me I have so many opportunities going on, involvement in businesses and interests in so many things but I couldn’t see the benefits in this. I felt like I was burning myself out and still not going in the direction I wanted to be in. My career has always been events, it has always been my passion, so I was becoming increasingly uneasy and beginning to feel guilty for enjoying things outside of my chosen career path. I was more interested in coding and websites, social media and brand awareness and well anything that didn’t seem in the slightest bit event related, this is when my friend sent me this Ted Talk. It literally changed everything for me and completely re-evaluated my outlook on my career. I now don’t feel guilty, just because I went to university and chose this career path, it doesn’t need to be my only career path, you don’t need to be in one industry you can be in many and if you find your first choice is no longer your only choice embrace it, brilliant things can come from it. I hope you all get as much from this as I did, and remember there is no right or wrong when it comes to your career.



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