5 Healthy breakfasts to kick start your day.

We are all told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but sometimes it can be far too early or bed is way too comfy to even bother. I don’t need to state all the health benefits of it kick starting your metabolism, giving you fuel for the morning and obviously stopping you from being a grouch towards your work BBF. So I have put together my five favourite healthy breakfasts.

Smoothie bowl – Saturday starts

Smoothie bowl ideas

Colourful, healthy and tasty this is one of my go to post or pre-gym breakfasts depending on how I start my day. Wizz up 1 cup of frozen berries, some natural yoghurt and unsweetened almond milk in a blender until the consistency is between yoghurt and milk. Then add toppings, I always choose no added sugar muesli either using Dorset cereal range or Rude health but you could just add nuts and seeds.

Smoothies – For the ‘On the go’ days

For those of us, that love sleep and food Nutribullets answered our prayers. When I am constantly on the go and trying to be healthy or if I have to be on the road to an event and I know there is going to be no time to sit and enjoy a breakfast unless I wake at 4am I always grab a smoothie or shake. My two favourites are either this berry smoothie or the chocolate shake.  I love that you can throw everything in the blender blitz it up put a lid on it and go.

For the berry smoothie, I throw in ice, mixed berries, spinach, 1 banana and coconut water. For the chocolate, I use cacao powder, 1 banana, almond milk and ice.

Oats- For those big days

Healthy oats with almond milk and nuts

Porridge is definitely my most favourable of breakfasts on a cold winter morning but some days when I have a big day of meetings planned it just doesn’t keep the hunger at bay. I love adding different toppings and flavours to my porridge and as much as I would happily live off the combination of oats drowned in Nutella my summer self won’t thank me for it. For my porridge I use unsweetened almond milk, (generally, I find almond milk creamier than normal milk to make a thicker porridge) and then I add mixed fruit some nuts and some desiccated coconut, all mixed together it’s simply amazing!

Pancakes – Easy Sunday mornings

Carb free pancakes for breakfast

I love these pancakes, they are completely guilt free yet make you feel like your indulging on a Sunday morning. They are carb free made by whisking two eggs and a banana together and frying in the pan as you would a traditional pancake. They taste just like normal pancakes with the same texture and all your usual toppings work just as well on them. I have yoghurt and some fruit on mine to keep the carbs away but you could have anything on these. I would even say they are good with savoury breakfasts as well.

Baked avocado – The healthy hangover fry-up

Healthy Fried breakfast

Well, this could really depend on the level of hangover, if your friend had to carry you home and hold your hair back this probably isn’t what you will be feeling the next day but if you are craving that fry up but you are watching your weight this is the one. I really like to avoid bread when I can but sometimes I feel like it brings breakfast together. For this breakfast, I baked an egg and avocado in a dish with the mushrooms and vine tomatoes. I bought the bacon in medallions so I didn’t have any fat on them and cooked it all in coconut oil. It always is delicious and I felt happily full after it all without that sluggish I’m going back to bed feeling I get from greasy fry ups.

I always cook everything in coconut oil my favourite is Lucy Bee which you can buy off amazon but if you are watching the pennies Waitrose and Aldi now does their own coconut oil, Aldi obviously being the cheapest option.

If anyone has any other suggestions of yummy healthy breakfasts I’d love to hear.

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