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I was lying in bed last night in an anxious sweat, it’s exactly one month until my holiday, 30 official days including one momentous occasion (which would be my birthday) and I had spent the afternoon with my girls eating crisps, dips and Chinese food. I was doomed, how can I get in shape in 30 days?

It feels like I have been in this situation since the beginning of January when I swore this was going to be my year of getting that beach body, it felt like I had plenty of time to get in shape for Abi’s hen, and when that didn’t happen it was in shape for Abi’s wedding and once that came and went with little change it was full focus on the holiday.

I think the pressure of being in shape makes people genuinely believe that it is harder than it is. I am not saying it’s easy and I know it’s harder for some people but these are the simple steps you need to put in place and you will be on the road to success. I am aware I am probably never going to look like Kayla Itsines in the next 30 days but I know I will feel better when I hit the pool in my bikini.

Eat healthy

This is the obvious choice when trying to lose weight but things often sneak in, you don’t need to crash diet or start juice plus, first of all, it is not healthy and it’s also not going to last, you might as well start something you can carry on with. I follow paleo as closely as I can so a lot of the food I eat is clean but try swapping your carbs such as spaghetti for courgetti and chips to baked sweet potato, your mid-morning chocolate bar for plain carrot sticks etc. I know you are probably reading this thinking I am crazy but at work I often just boredom eat so the snacks I am now eating are at least healthy and they are nowhere near as appealing as a twix so I am less inclined to reach for them.

Watch what you drink

Just keep things simple, and stick to water, ditch the coffee, the cocktails, the fizzy pop and the hot chocolate. If it tastes good then it’s probably not helping. I have to admit I am no fan of water on its own, it just does nothing for me. I sometimes just let myself go thirsty even when I have water nearby. I now have a fruit infuser water bottle which I swear by, I make a lemon water every night before bed so it’s ready next to my bed the next morning. They are such a simple cheap and easy way to get you drinking more water and there are the added benefits of vitamins in it.

Up your exercise

Add some form of exercise to your morning routine, go for a run, walk to work, do a workout. I know I can be lazy in the gym if I am just doing my own routine, I can convince myself I have done an hour despite spending a good 20 minutes on a mat texting my friends. Add some classes to your workout, they are a lot of fun and they push you a lot harder, mix and match until you find the perfect one for you. I love core stability, yoga and spinning but things like insanity just don’t suit me so don’t be worried if you go to one you hate, keep trying because they are all different.

Be prepared

Being prepared will aid your success hugely. Prepare your food for work the night before so it is with you all day, you then have enough to keep you away from the coffee van. Lay out your gym kit and equipment before you get into bed so you don’t waste time looking for it in the morning and get your work clothes ready so all you have to do is hop in the shower and get dressed, grab your lunch and you are out of the door.

Get your rest

I always believed that if I didn’t sleep much I would still be burning more calories and therefore losing weight but little did I know living a go go go lifestyle like this was hindering my efforts. Studies have shown that if you are not getting enough sleep your metabolism will not function properly. It also means you are too tired to hit the gym after work and instead you reach for sugary food and drinks to keep you going.

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