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For any of you that follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat you will be well aware that it was my birthday last week, and as I get older I have begun to grow fonder of just nice meals out with my nearest and dearest to mark the occasion and boy did I manage that this year. I have eaten out so much lately, I have become desperate to find new, cool places to eat in Leicester that are laid back, tasty and relatively cheap.

Saturday night was a meal out for me and my dear friend Rosie, we have our birthdays in the same week so we have always shared some sort of gathering to mark the occasion with our friends.

Whilst racking my brains for somewhere and not enjoying any of the suggestions that were coming my way, I stumbled across Crafty Burger in Leicester. The reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook were all so good and then a colleague told me that Crafty Burger is her fiancé’s absolute favourite place to eat. So there was no more persuading needed. I am allergic to beef but strangely have absolute obsessions with burger joints so I was desperate to get in at Crafty. A Facebook message later and lovely Andrea had told me that they could fit the 10 of us at 20:30, usually this would be too late but for a Saturday night it was perfect.


Crafy Burger is in St Martins Coffee Shop in St Martin’s square in Leicester. Crafty started as a ‘pop up’ restaurant last year but fortunately for us, this hipster joint is here to stay. We arrived on time and were promptly shown to our table with drink and food menus. The restaurant is so relaxed, the sort of atmosphere you would want from a coffee shop come burger joint, mismatch furniture, stacked up bookcases with the perfect lighting to get those burger photos (you know the ones) whilst creating the right atmosphere. Our table was upstairs, they conveniently have a bar up there as well so you don’t feel too out of sight, the restaurant was busy but we were not sat on top of anyone at all. Once we were all seated, our drinks order was taken, I was driving so it was just coke for me, but I have to say the Raspberry Daiquiri (of course I had to try some) was incredible. They also have a good selection of craft beers etc I mean they are a hipster joint after all, and what is more hipster than unknown drinks and homebrews?

The menu is quite small but it is perfect, I struggled enough to choose. I had explained I couldn’t eat beef and was reassured that I IMG_7622could change any burger for the breaded chicken instead which was a winner. The Majority of us went for the Crafty Poet which was made up of Beef Patty, smoked Applewood cheddar, American cheese, smoked streaky bacon, salted onion crisps, BBQ sauce and aioli they also did a plain Jane (which is no longer on the menu) for my friend because she is a very boring eater. The fries became a bit of a disaster area, most of the group ordered the cheeky fries which were usual skin on fries with spiced pulled beef, jalapenos, cheese, sour cream and French mustard and I had the corny ones which were vegetarian and pretty much replaced the beef for sweetcorn. Not long after our order was taken a member of staff came to let us know that they had run out of beef for the cheeky fries, not a problem at all there was so much to choose from, the girls made their alternative options and all was well until the food came out. The burgers were perfect, they all came out together and were exactly what we ordered the fries had become a bit of a muddle, two servings of cheeky fries- no beef but guacamole came out (only one had been ordered) they kindly let us have both but I soon realised my corny fries didn’t look like they were joining us. I asked one of the members of staff, it wasn’t a big deal if you had seen the amount of food we had you would know why, but at that point, they made out the fries were just on their way, which wasn’t the case at all. They arrived 15 minutes later after another reminder. If they had just been honest and said they had confused the order I would have said it didn’t matter, we had more than enough, but I am kind of glad they didn’t because the corny fries were amazing and they took them off the bill for me which they didn’t need to do.

IMG_7623Everything from the way the food was cooked to the toppings and the sauces was absolutely spot on. The whole way through the meal all we could say was this is the best burger I have ever had. The burgers from what I could see were cooked medium rare (which is how I think it should be). There is nothing else to the menu but burgers so if you are looking for a healthy evening then this place probably isn’t for you, the buns are all made gluten free and they are very forthcoming catering for all allergies and intolerance and it was nice to see more than one vegetarian option on the menu.

Not only was this one of the best meals I have had for a very long time, to feel so full for only £10 was amazing value for money. We are a group of big eaters but we didn’t look like we had touched the sides of the fries. I would highly recommend Crafty Burger to everyone especially if you are a big eater or looking for somewhere a bit different in Leicester. This is like no other burger joint they have in the city centre. The other highlights are 45 West Gin Bar and bottle shop, 33 Cank street both two amazing cocktail bars a stone throw away from Crafty and Gelato Village opposite selling a wide selection of ice cream. There is usually a lot of off street parking around St Martin’s square in the evenings but it is often easier to park near the phoenix car park which is free after 6pm.

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