When you have no motivation…

We have all been there, that moment you sit down at your desk in the morning with a long list of things that need to be done, in your head you can see yourself running around ticking these off like a pro but in reality you are in a slump and you’ve not even brushed your hair.

I for one have massively suffered from this for over a month now, work has been the busiest it has ever been. The team and I have been travelling around the country nearly every week since April now trying to get our events tour for this year done before a couple months break in July and August. Not only  have my weeks been absolutely packed out there has been no time for rests at the weekend, I am well and truly burnt out with nothing much more to give, so when Monday morning comes and I am desperate for a productive day I have no choice but to find a pinch of motivation from the darkest depths. With all this going on my blog posts are majorly suffering, I know what I want to post about but finding the energy and motivation to write them is beyond my capabilities sometimes.

When I am feeling this low I always try the following:

What I live by:

At the beginning of the year, I read the Chimp Paradox (I highly recommend this book to everyone) there was one particular paragraph that struck a chord with me that I have never forgotten when it comes to jobs.

“If you were given a million pounds to do the task before the end of the day could you do it?” (Prof Steve Peters)

Every time I write a job down on my to do (later) list I always think back to this and it always helps me get things done.

Change your scenery or task

Sometimes you need to just clear your head so walk around the office, go make a round of drinks for your team or see if there is something else you can work on for a small proportion of your time so you can go back with a clear focus on the task ahead.

Check your environment

How is your workspace looking? If its dull and lifeless do something about it, studies have shown that minimal offices lead to an unenthusiastic workforce. Studies at Exeter University done over a period of 10 years concluded that employees were 15% more productive when their workplaces included plants.

 Give yourself a time limit

I can be so easily distracted by my phone when I am trying to focus on writing, I can scroll and scroll over things I have seen hundreds of times so I find the best thing to do is to put my phone away and say I can’t check it for this amount of time or until I have completed a set amount. If that doesn’t motivate you (because I know not everyone is as addicted to their phones as I am) then find something that will motivate you to stick to a time limit like going to meet a friend or going to make a drink or have a snack etc.

Do some exercise

I know most of my posts always include exercise in some way and if you saw me you’d probably think I should practice what I preach a bit more, but I don’t always mean going to the gym or going for a run. Sometimes a good stroll in the fresh air or a bike ride is just what you need to clear your head and see a job from a better perspective.

Drink, Drink, Drink

I don’t mean cocktails, unfortunately. I can’t stress enough how much water will help keep your head clear and increase your productivity. I find a lot of the time when my head is pounding and I want to fall into a coma at my desk all I really needed was a good glass of water.

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