My five grateful moments – July


For many years I have kept a gratitude journal; this is just a book I keep next to my bed so at the end of the day I can list all the positive things that have taken place during the day or over the last week depending on how often I choose to write. This has helped me so much over the years to overcome anxieties and other difficulties reflecting on just how many amazing things occur in my life on a daily basis. So I decided it would be good to share some great things that took place in July. My blog has always just been about my reviews of places and things or ‘What to do’ guides so I thought it was about time to be a little bit more personal.  I believe that focusing on your gratitude for the good things no matter how little they are, attracts more positives into your life. These are my 5 favourite things that I am grateful for this month.

  1.    I went to Barcelona! This has been the city of my dreams for so long so starting July there in the sun, sight seeing, sunbathing and drinking sangria couldn’t have been a better start to the month. Barcelona definitely didn’t disappoint and I will certainly be returning.
  2.    I now have a dog, I know these may seem like two big things for one month but for a very long time I have been searching for a dog to come and live with me for company, security and I knew I could offer a dog a really good home. I was adamant I wanted to rehome a dog and not buy a puppy but after endless trips to dog centres, I was getting nowhere. My mum kept telling me to stay positive and the right one will turn up and he did. Dougal was from Rugby, he belonged to two lovely guys who no longer had the time they felt he deserved. They checked my house and my mum’s farm over and were very happy and he moved in with me last Friday. I couldn’t be more in love with him if I tried! He is a nearly two year old,  golden, working cocker spaniel and he is gorgeous even if I say so myself!
  3.   Bottomless brunch and a visit to our friend Felicity ( I know major name envy!) I have wanted to try bottomless brunch in London since I heard it made it’s way overseas from Dubai, and me and the girls had left it way too long for a London weekend, (it had been nearly a year since we saw Fliss which was not cool), so we managed to find a weekend that suited all and booked into the bottomless brunch at the Jam Tree in Clapham. The weather was perfect, we sat out in their garden, ate delicious food, drank endless bottles of prosecco and made new friends and it was made even better by not having to pay the bill. It was one of the best weekends of the year with some of my absolute favourite girls, I am still struggling with post-weekend blues.
  4.    My cousin had her baby.  My cousin Tilly and I grew up together, we were in the same year at school from reception until we finished GCSEs, we kept our ponies together and spent all school holidays together so when she announced at Christmas that she was expecting her first baby I was beyond excited for her. I knew she and her fiancé would make amazing parents, my perfect second cousin was born on Friday 15th July and she is gorgeous I have been to see in her the last couple of weeks and I couldn’t put her down, she’s a very lucky little girl.
  5.    Cliveden house picnic. Cliveden house is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, with some of the most picturesque National Trust grounds surrounding the house and spa. I am very fortunate that my aunt lives by and has full access to the grounds so a few weeks ago we travelled down for a big family picnic. The weather was absolutely perfect, we basked in the sun whilst consuming large quantities of food my aunt ordered in from M&S picnic catering (it was delicious). I can’t remember the last time I had a traditional picnic in a field on blankets with good wine, great food, fantastic views and amazing weather.

So these are my five things I am hugely grateful for in July, of course this is just a short list of some many great things that have happened this month such as seeing friends, sunny weather, being able to lie in my garden in just a bikini, taking Rooney jumping, spending time with family, watching my garden come finally come together, all the nice things I can afford, going to the gym in the morning, laughing till I cry at work and receiving flowers etc.

I have really enjoyed writing this and reflecting on how great this month has been so I will be back in August with hopefully as much success.



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