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I love reading, I love it when I really get stuck into a good book and can’t bear to put it down, I will read and walk to get every last page in I can before going back to work but last year I found I was only reading when I was away or had time off or if someone had leant me and book and I didn’t want to hang on to it for too long. So at the beginning of the year, I set myself a resolution to read at least one book a month. Easy! I thought… when I put my mind to it I can get through books in just a couple of days and so far I have managed to stick to this no matter what has gone on in a month. I will recap on any good books I read at the beginning of the year but I wanted to share with you my recent reads and my recommendation from my ‘summer holiday’ books. These are the books I bought to read whilst I was off work, I have to admit I am a sucker for an amazon recommendation, a Waterstones bestseller sticker or a billboard poster in tube stations advertising books with glowing (paid for ) reviews. I will persevere with anything I start reading some have been a huge waste of time others have been pretty great and have caught me by surprise.

Before we met – Lucy Whitehouse £7.99

This is one of the first of my amazon recommendations which I asked my sister for as a birthday present. One positive of this book is that it is very thin so doesn’t take that long to read, hold on to that as its one of a very few positives. Hannah is 33, a successful marketer living in New York and completely single through absolutely her choice and no one else’s (this I think is reiterated too much throughout the book) Hannah is living the New York dream until she meets Mark, the tall, handsome, well-spoken young English entrepreneur who was introduced via friends. Fast forward a year and they are back in London living in Mark’s large, expensive town house whilst his business goes from strength to strength Hannah is jobless and bored. Until one night  Hannah drives to Heathrow to pick Mark up and he doesn’t turn up, he doesn’t call he doesn’t message her and people are telling Hannah different things. The story was slow to start but the plot does start to unravel quickly into a crime thriller of really how well do you know the person you are sharing your life with? Although I was desperate to find out the ending of this book and it was fairly gripping I think Lucy showed her hand too early in the story and it became a bit predictable. I am no feminist but I have really begun to grow tired of these strong independent women happily single until the perfect man, lifestyle and Jo Malone candles come along and they give it all up for wine and cheese evenings when their husbands get home.  I would just like some more consistency in strong female leads. I know I sound quite angry about this book, I am not, it had a lot of potential but it was wasted on fixating on minor details that added nothing, and little on other characters that could have given the story more depth.

Me before you – Jojo Moyes £3.85

I hadn’t come across any of Jojo Moyes’ books until the trailer for Me Before You came out earlier this year. My younger sister wanted to see the film and I said under no circumstances was I ever going to be interested in the book or the film. I am not into chick flicks, RomComs or any type of romantic mush that do anything and everything to make people cry, so I was most definitely not going to entertain these. A few weeks later my sister’s boyfriend bought her the book and I had nothing else to read, I had also begun to hear a few of the girls at work talking about it and not one to miss out I picked it up and thought reading a few pages wouldn’t hurt. Two days later the book was done and I was at a polo match in my car choosing to finish the last few pages in a blubbering mess. Louisa Clark is a 26 year old moving from bad job to bad job in a relationship she is not sure she even wants when Will Traynor enters her life. Will a 35-year-old trader from London who was left paralysed from the neck down after a road accident. Lou’s positive bubbly personality is put to the test when she starts working for the Traynor’s to improve Will’s quality of life. I became so engrossed in this story I watched the film three times and then went on to watch anything Sam Claflin and Emila Clarke were in. (I am really showing what an absolute obsessive geek I am more than usual today) So, in short, I can’t say anything more than I loved this book, I really didn’t want to, I am ashamed of myself for liking it so much but if you are a fan of the notebook and P.s I love you then you will be all over this. Just be prepared with boxes of tissues.

After you – Jojo Moyes £3.85

It will probably come as no surprise after my rather embarrassing fangirling review of Me Before You above that I ordered After you – the sequel to me before you as soon as I could. I didn’t feel that Me Before You needed any sort of follow up but one was written so I was going to read it. After You is set two years after Me Before You and it follows Louisa’s life in London, I can’t really tell you much more than that without giving parts away from both books. I enjoyed reading this but the beginning of the book I really didn’t feel like I was reading the Louisa that I read in Me Before You, they felt like two completely different characters, her family were still the same so it made it slightly easier to place her in the story but I did struggle to start with.  The story was well written, it flowed and it was as gripping to read as Me Before You but I still stand by that it was rather unnecessary, Jojo had done such a great job of the first book that even though I could have happily followed Will and Louisa forever she had given us enough to just use our imagination and my imagination had given Louisa a better future than the sequel did.  So whilst I am glad I read it and if you read Me Before You I would say give it ago if you have nothing else to read I wouldn’t recommend it with the glowing review that I gave the above.

The kind worth killing
– Peter Swanson £3.85

This was another amazon recommendation that I added to my birthday list, I had read the blurb, it sounded good and it had all the right reviews so I thought I would give it ago and I am so glad I did, I can’t remember the last time I read a book this fast and when I say fast I literally devoured it in one day, I couldn’t put it down, which lead to a rather restless nights sleep in a house on my own.  The story starts with Ted Severson a self-made millionaire and Lily Kitner meeting at a bar in Heathrow airport. During their journey back to America, Ted confesses to Lily that he thinks his wife is having an affair and that he wants to kill her and far from the usual reaction you expect Lily understands and offers to help Ted carry out this double murder. I don’t want to go into the story any more than this because there are so many twists and turns I don’t want to give anything away but Peter Swanson does an amazing job of making you root for some psychotic characters. I could really talk about this book all day but I would rather you pick up and read the book yourself because you really won’t be disappointed, I already have his debut thriller The girl with a clock for a heart on the way.

I have finished all these books so if any of you lovely people would like to read them or any of the books in my posts then just give me a shout!

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