My five grateful moments – August

I have used a photo of my friend Amy on the Beach in wales for this months post header, Amy I  hope you don’t mind but I had to restore my phone back to factory settings so I lost my photos from the last two weeks, an absolute nightmare. I was phoneless for 12 hours and if you know me you’ll know just how much that killed me.

I will probably say this every month from now on but seriously how can August be over already? I swear Christmas has only just been and gone and we are only 4 months away from it happening again. Aside from the usual shock of how quick these months have gone, August has flown by in absolute pleasure, I don’t mind the year flying by so quickly when it is this good. August was definitely a quieter month than last but probably one of the most expensive after buying the dog, getting him castrated (he still hates me) and a car service where I needed new brake pads and two new tyres it was safe to say the left over baked bean tins in the cupboard were coming in handy, but I should be grateful at least that I can afford these things. So these are my five grateful things in august.

I finally made it back to Cardiff!

I went to uni in Cardiff and met some of the most amazing people whom I have stayed in touch with most of them, despite absolutely loving Cardiff my trips to the city completely stopped when I graduated and it had been 2 whole years since I had seen my friend Amy which was crazy but trying to find a weekend we both could do was becoming impossible so we decided I would go down for a few days mid-week ( I think I actually decided this). It was the nicest few days of catching up, long lie ins and 100s of cups of tea! I even went to my first football match thanks to Amy and Karl’s generosity. It was so nice to catch up with my uni girls and to see Cardiff again, the weather was absolutely amazing and we even made it to the beach. I will definitely be making more effort to include trips back into my yearly calendar.

We held our annual family Summer party 

As a family we have always had some sort of summer party at my parent’s farm, these always included some sort of inflatable, food, a lot of alcohol and more often than not rain. With one year off we decided it was time for another. The weather certainly was not in our favour so we moved it to my Mum’s husband’s new barn which he wasn’t too pleased about after our marquee was picked up by a gust of wind and flew up the field. Despite the gale force wind, it was such a good night, I love that they are always a mixture of my school, horse riding, family friends and family all together and being on a farm we can make as much noise as we want. I already can’t wait for the next one.

Time with my Nephew 

As you are all probably aware I have a nephew who is about 20 months old ( I don’t know why we say this and not nearly two but there we go). George is absolutely everything to me, I know I am biased but he is beyond cute and even when he’s naughty I still love spending time with him especially when I can give him back. I am very lucky that my older sister lives close by and she is more than happy for me to look after him. In August he graduated from his first year at nursery which was super cute so I booked some time off I went to watch his first sports day on a sunny Friday afternoon. I have to be honest, the kids didn’t really know what they were doing and there was a lot of cheating parents but it was still a lot of fun and he got a medal in one of the races which distracted him in every other race that afternoon. I am so grateful I get to go along to these things. I also took him to a petting farm down the road from us on one of my days off called Mini Meadows, in a little Village in Welford. I don’t know who out of the two of us loves it more.

Time with my girls

My lovely friend Sarah moved down to Cornwall over a year ago now (boo to her) but I don’t blame her the views are amazing, we only get to see her a couple of times a year and have to a big stint of her coming home for Abi’s hen do and wedding I thought we had had our fill for a while until she said she was coming home for bank holiday weekend, so we decided to have a girls night in with tapas and cocktails, my favourites! It was such a lovely afternoon and evening, I have seen the other girls through August but there is something about getting us all (ish) together and just chilling out. I am so lucky to have some of the loveliest girls to lean on and eat all of their food of course!

Afternoon tea 

I love afternoon tea as I have mentioned many times before, so I was delighted when my mum told me she had booked us in for tea on bank holiday Monday. I love that it is an unspoken rule that afternoon tea is always just for the girls in the family, no partners are allowed. So it means mums, sisters, friends, partner’s mums, partner’s grandmas are all invited and I love it, I love catching up with my nearest and dearest over tea, prosecco, sandwiches and cakes especially when I can take the cakes home to eat in the evening (and I wonder why I’m not losing weight). We went for afternoon tea at the City Rooms in Leicester, it is my favourite hotel in Leicester a grade two listed building in the city centre. They hold afternoon tea quarterly so be sure to check out their website or facebook. They are holding a one off Indian afternoon tea on the 25th September which I cannot wait for.

I feel I can add this on as well because it is a massive deal that THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF has started again, my Wednesday plans are sorted for the next few weeks, the baking trays have been dusted off and the cupboards have been restored, does anyone else do this?

By no means as big or as busy as July but equally as amazing, I am so grateful for the people I have in my life, the things I do and the things I can afford. Until next month guys!




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