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I am not in any way, shape or form a beauty blogger or beauty expert, I am however absolutely obsessed with buying new makeup and cosmetics. I have spent so many years thinking that designer names and obscene prices meant the best makeup for me but as time has gone on and I have more and more things to pay for I have been looking out for better ways to spend my money and that includes searching out those high street finds. Here are some of my latest cosmetic obsessions or bargain finds.


Garnier Micellar cleansing water – £3.33

I was living under a rock when this came out I am sure because I had never heard of it before I went to stay with a friend. I have always been so lazy with taking my make up off often leaving it until the next morning ( I know it’s gross) but I have (and I’m not blowing my own trumpet here) always had good skin, I will get a spot every now and then but its never a big deal so I have let myself be lazy. I had left my face wipes at home and Fliss let me steal me some of her Garnier Micellar cleansing water since then I have been hooked on it, I have completely ditched the drying out face wipes. It’s so light and takes off makeup that my face wipes didn’t say was there.


Soap and Glory lip gloss- £10

Soap and Glory have been one of my favourite beauty brands for a while now, I think they get really overlooked because they are not designer and for a long time they were a brand in boots that you would end up with an excessive amount of hand cream from their sets at Christmas, but over the last ten years the brand has developed massively and I love that they are absolutely cruelty free and affordable. I love this lip gloss, not because I think it makes my lips any bigger, contrary to belief these days I am actually pretty happy with how my lips look but it makes an amazing bottom coat for any matte lipstick. I have tried a certain ‘network marketing’ ( I think that is what they are called now) lipgloss and it did absolutely nothing, for half the price I would recommend Soap and glory XL pillow plump I haven’t be disappointed with the results.


Body Shop lip scruff – £8

The Body Shop I feel are another brand we associate with excessive amounts of cocoa or mango butter you would receive at Christmas but over the last couple of years I have become obsessed with them, not only are their makeup brushes amazing but they offer a wide range of incredible skincare and make-up which are all completely cruelty-free. This lip scrub is a makeup bag staple so much so I now have three, it’s perfect to ensure even skin before my soap and glory lipgloss, Lush also do a pretty good one but I don’t tend to shop there.


Soap and Glory scrub your nose in it. – £9

Despite my laziness in taking my makeup off before bed, when I put my mind to it my skin care routine is pretty good, I love this scrub for only £9 I feel you get so much for your money it really cleans my skin and leaves it feeling so bright and fresh, I use it with these Botanics facial loofahs to make sure all makeup and daily dirt are removed.

IMG_0498Makeup brushes cleaning mat- £2.60 Ebay

I recently treated myself to a whole range of new makeup brushes so I wanted to ensure these didn’t get ruined like brushes in the past so I bought myself this brush cleaning pad from eBay here. It’s a dupe of the Sigma beauty mat but they are literally identical and saved me nearly £20. It arrived a week ago and it really is amazing it just sticks to the sink and makes washing my makeup brushes so easy.


Mini egg blending sponges  – £2.79

I have always used Beauty Blenders sponges but at £16 per sponge, it was getting a bit silly. I have been using these sponges from eBay here and they are amazing. I use my brushes mainly to blend my foundation so I bought these smaller sponges for concealer and contouring. They are a fraction of the price and exactly the same quality, they sell them in a range of different sizes and colours.

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