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At the beginning of the year, I wrote a list of things, activities and places I wanted to tick off by 2016 ( I know not exactly spontaneous, it’s the event organiser in me). One of these was to go to an outdoor cinema, (I promise the list was a bit more exciting than just this). These outdoor screens have been popping up all over the place, I regularly check the film listings that Rooftop cinema is playing wishing I had more summer nights in London, then randomly Cult Screens started advertising their 3 nights of films at Rugby School at the beginning of September. They choose iconic venues to project classic films and Rugby school being a large boarding school for boys and the founder of the game of Rugby it was the perfect venue.


The film was pulp fiction, my all-time, go-to film so it was a given that I was going to go come rain or shine, after attending I am so glad the sun shone as I think it would have been an awful experience in the rain.

As you probably have heard or not heard me say 90% of the time when we are falling out over the washing up, I am very lucky to have a younger sister who is also my closest friend and whom I share so many interests, so together we decided we would go along with my friend Catherine and Pip’s boyfriend Pete who not only bought us all the tickets but also had to stand and take photos of us so thank you, Pete!


I have really tried to get better at photos, I carry my SLR everywhere with me but I still haven’t plucked up the courage to get it out in some places, choosing rather hide behind the awful quality that is my iPhone, so sorry about the photos. The setting from what you can (sort of) see in the photos was beautiful it was held in a courtyard with high walls so the uplighting really added to the atmosphere. We booked the deck chairs not knowing what the weather would be like. You are given the option of deck chairs, bean bags or the ground, however, the last two didn’t sound that appealing if it was going to rain. The deck chairs were a bit more at  £15.95 but was totally worth it.

We had packed a massive picnic of snacks, sweets, popcorn and some gin and tonic which Pip loving put together not knowing that they were a licensed venue with caterers on site so we were not allowed to take food and drink in, we did smuggle some sweets in and I felt like I was being watched all night, I’m not really one to break the rules.


They don’t give you an exact time for the film to start because it is outside it all depends on the weather and sunlight etc so the film didn’t start until about 9pm which was fine but the winter layers we had taken along were not quite enough, the clear skies and the September weather were not that comforting by 11pm and Pete was left to fend for himself whilst we took every layer possible, which for me included a knitted jumper, winter coat, scarf and some of Catherine’s blanket.

I have found these pop up cinemas put on classic films I guess because more people are willing to spend the money to see a film they know they love than one they haven’t seen before, but by 11, after seeing Pulp fiction so many times I have lost count,  and knowing exactly what was going to happen whilst worrying I was about to freeze to death seemed rather counter-productive.

IMG_0067Despite the odd regrets on clothing and having to devour as much of a picnic as I physically could stomach I did really enjoy the evening. The surroundings were beautiful, we managed to grab front row seats so the viewing was great and the quality of the film was fantastic.

They only held three films at Rugby at the beginning of September but a lot of the other locations are running films until the end of the month so be sure to check out their website.

Things to remember if you are going to an outdoor cinema.

  • Layer up! There is no such thing as too many layers at an outdoor cinema, if I went again I would 100% be taking a sleeping bag with me, some thick socks, a hat and maybe a hot water bottle.
  • Food is not allowed so save that money for tea and hot chocolate they will be needed.
  • Seats are not allocated so arrive early. We did the very tourist thing of arriving on time and putting our coats on the seats we wanted, I know it’s annoying and everyone else hated us but it was worth it for the best seats.
  • Blankets only come with beanbags and not deck chairs- don’t make the same mistakes we did!IMG_0066

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