Rolling Stones Exhibitionism and Flat Iron – London

I wanted to do a whole post on just the Rolling Stones exhibition alone but after five months of residency at the Saatchi Gallery in London the exhibition is packing up and heading overseas to New York so I thought it would be rather unhelpful to inform everyone of just how good it was as tickets are now going to include a transatlantic flight as well, so instead I have teamed it up with Flat Iron as well which is in London and will be staying put for the foreseeable future.

Last Christmas we were flummoxed by the prospect of mum’s Christmas presents, she has everything, so we decided we would take her for afternoon tea at the Ritz, happy her present was finally sorted and at the idea of afternoon tea in London we thought we had this one in the bag until her parents in law bought her the same gift so throughout the year we started looking for something else to make sure we did something different.


After some searching, I came across the Rolling Stones exhibition and it was perfect. My mum is the biggest Rolling Stones fan, so much so I was named after Mick Jagger’s daughter, I think if we were all falling off a cliff and mum could save one of us it would probably be him, so we booked some tickets and surprised her with a trip to London to see it. Luckily she hadn’t come across the exhibition so it made keeping it a surprise easy but she did ask the week before whether the Rolling Stones were playing and we had got her tickets, thanks mum!

We paid £25 for the tickets which I thought was really well priced and the standard rate for these type of exhibitions. I didn’t know at all what to expect, I am not much of a fan of the Rolling Stones, I like their music but obviously being from a different era I didn’t know that much about them, so I was worried to a big fan it would be kind of average, there was no need to worry there was more to see and do than I ever believed they could pack into one building.


Not one for missing out I purchased the audio guide to go around with. It was only £5 but it was not needed at all there was so much to do and see I barely used it. They also rightly didn’t allow photos inside so I don’t have a lot to show but the rooms were filled with guitars, pages of draft lyrics, concert memorabilia, film footage, artwork, stage outfits and hundreds and hundreds of photos, the list could go on.

They packed the  exhibition with so much interaction there were plenty of different things you could do so you weren’t just listening and reading. You could change the settings on records (which was rather addictive) and listen to and experience their recording studio. They had even recreated the one bedroom flat on Edith Grove that Mick Jagger shared with Brian Jones and Keith Richards when the band first got together. The attention to detail that went into recreating the flat alone was worth the money we paid.


The whole time I spent in there was in pure admiration and absolute fascination to this band, my mum loved every minute of it, there was something special about sharing so many of her memories, such as the first record she had ever been given from her older cousin to live concerts she had been to etc. I could of spent all day there but the main highlight was the 3D concert you get to see. It was a perfect touch to the end of the exhibition, they made it feel like you were in the crowd it was amazing.

If you ever see any of these exhibitions pop up in London I urge you to go, they are only there briefly and they are really worth the hype. I missed the Alexander Mcqueen last year which I am still gutted about, so I will definitely be keeping my eye out for anymore next year.

After the exhibition, we had the whole day in London to spend some quality time together, with two sisters with similar interests and our mum this had disaster written all over it but miracles do happen and we had a really nice day at Borough Market and then went over to Covent Garden and managed to get a table at Flat Iron.

Flat iron

As an avid instagramer I had seen a lot of Flat Iron and knew my mum would love it, but unfortunately, I am allergic/ intolerant to beef which isn’t ideal. I had checked their website but I couldn’t find the menu to see the options so I tweeted them to check that there was something non-beef I could eat. After a long day of walking, I was relieved when we got to convent garden and Flat Iron said there was only a 20-minute wait for the table and we could take a seat at the bar. I ordered a malbec whilst the others had cocktails and my mum ordered half a bottle (it was poured into a large jar /bottle) of champagne, they clearly didn’t know what a light weight my mum is.

After a short wait our table was ready and we were showed to our seats downstairs, the atmosphere was lovely down there, bright but cosy it was nice whilst the rain poured outside. When we sat down they informed me the popcorn was made in beef dripping at that point I realised I might not have as many options as I first thought and I was right there were only three things on the menu that didn’t have beef on or in them and they were just side dishes but the food looked amazing and the day was for mum so I spoke with the waitress and they really looked after me. I had the baked aubergine which they made into a main for me and it was absolutely amazing, I didn’t mind that they were devouring some juicy looking steaks and chips and of course I got some pepper sauce. Whilst it was quite disappointing that there wasn’t much on the menu for me I would absolutely go back if I was in a group, the food was lovely, the service was fantastic and I loved the atmosphere. The best talking feature of the restaurant beside the flat iron steaks, the cleaver knives and the atmosphere was the free ice cream you get at the end. The food is really reasonably priced, I don’t have anything negative to say about this restaurant we ate plenty of fantastic food and were able to treat mum to a lovely meal for a small price.

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