My five favourite podcasts

I have been listening to podcasts for a while now, I absolutely love them in the morning whilst I am getting ready, rainy evenings when I am tidying up or whilst I am at work and trying to block out noise.

I did however really struggle to get into podcasts to start with, I listened to a few from the BBC as standard and they are great but I really wanted to find a blog like format in a podcast that I could listen to and learn when I didn’t have time to sit down and read.

As you may be aware I am massively into law of attraction. You can believe in it or call it a coincidence but within a couple of days of knowing what kind of podcast I wanted I was on a different blog called Makeup Savvy (I honestly can’t go a day without checking her page). I was reading one of her posts reviewing a new book called Ctrl, Alt, Delete, I had never heard of the author Emma Gannon ( I don’t know how as her blog is absolutely amazing) so after a quick google I was on her blog and there in front of me was her podcast and it was everything I wanted. Since then, through her blog I have come across so many other bloggers and some really great blogging and motivational tips.

So after my struggle I wanted to share with my favourite podcasts of late. If you have not given podcasts much time I really do recommend giving some of these a try.

  1. Ctrl, Alt, Delete – Emma Gannon so this has to be my first recommendation because I absolutely love it, I literally exhausted all of her podcasts in one week. Emma’s podcast are always interviews with social media influences, I have learnt so much from each of them, she is funny, sassy and so creative.
  2. Women of the hour – Lena Durham so I found this podcast a while back when I was going through the end of Girls series and wanted more from Lena. Women of the hour cover topics such as relationships, body image, careers with Emma Stone on the question panel its raises some really important questions and issues that relate to all girls and young women.
  3. Desert Island Disc – This BBC classic had to make it on here, it is one of those situations where you never think you will reach an age where Radio One is not your go to station, but all of a sudden you find yourself on Radio Two or Four and before you know it you are enjoying it and there isn’t much to persuade you back. Desert Island Disc are now with Kirsty Young and I still can’t get enough of them, they need no introduction with an archive going back to the 40’s you will not get tired of them!
  4. Get it on – Dawn O’porter  This is a relatively new podcast I came across on Instagram by the TV presenter, writer  and designer Dawn O’Porter. Each week Dawn interviews a host of celebrities discussing their lives and what they wear, it’s kind of like desert island discs meets fashion. I am a big fan of Dawn and her podcast is easily listening on a Sunday afternoon.
  5. Ladies who lunch – Ingrid Nilsen I love this, it is exactly what it says on the tin, they cover topics on sex, relationships, family and career. They are just everyday girls who have found fame in the youtube vlogging. There are some really laugh out loud moments throughout.


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