Twenty signs Autumn is on its way

I don’t know about you but Autumn is by far my favourite season, I love the colours, the cosiness, the weather, the layers, the food, the smell, EVERYTHING. I don’t know if it is ever this good or whether I just get nostalgic for this time of year built from non-existent memories but regardless as September rolls in I go from full on loving summer to eagerly awaiting the change in season which I expect literally overnight. So I thought I would do a post on the 20 signs autumn lovers know autumn is on its way.


  1. The shops are full of autumn/ winter lines and you need all of them, especially a new coat because last years is well last years.
  2. Seasonal scented candles can be found in every room in the house. Guests nearly passing out by the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin and spices is completely normal.
  3. Cushions and blankets can be found around every corner and in every spare space in the house.
  4. Tights and boots seem to be the base of every outfit choice
  5. It’s the first time in too long you feel you can go home and get straight into pyjamas without being judged
  6. Everyone is watching Hocus Pocus
  7. You begin to feel more excited about Halloween than holding any more BBQsimg_2077
  8. You want to start talking about Christmas to anyone that will indulge in festive conversation with you
  9. Over purchasing anything in a burnt orange colour in the shops
  10. Impulsive purchasing of every scarf in Zara
  11. Photos of chain bought coffee cups start appearing everywhere and you can’t help but join in. Especially when those red ones make an appearance.
  12. You start visiting towns and places that make you feel cosy and festive, cue drives over to Stamford for no reason.
  13. You will buy every hat that suits youimg_1715
  14. You completely over layer yourself in your new winter wardrobe at the first site of a dark morning in September and roast on your walk work.
  15. You reacquaint yourself with Netflix and use it as an excuse to not have to go out for drinks
  16. You get the electric blanket out despite not actually feeling that cold or even wearing full pyjamas
  17. You suddenly do not care (without even noticing that you do not care) you are as white as a piece of paper, and the compulsive fake tanning and leg shaving seems to have died down.img_2358
  18. You want to bake everything all the time
  19. Saturday and Sunday night plans include only watching Strictly and some period drama whilst consuming tea and cheese in your pyjamas
  20. You notice more and more photos of girls  feet, standing in a load of dead leaves like its normal and it totally is because I do it every time I see them. I can’t help it, it’s the colours!


Enjoy autumn guys, it’s the nicest cheapest season of them all I think!





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