My Five Grateful Moments – September.

So here we are again! As I am comfily snug, wrapped up in my duvet on the sofa with the dog snoring away next to me watching the new (ish) Cinderella you could say I have fully embraced Autumn and Winter that is heading our way. I don’t know why I am looking forward to the colder months so much this year, I have a feeling it’s for a well-needed indulgent splurge of self-care and a catch up. September started with so much excitement and plans it really has been an amazing month. Here are my five grateful moments in September.

  1. The new additions to the farm – Over the year my Mum manages to sneak plenty of new fluffy family members on to the farm, we have tried everything to stop her but if an animal needs a home she will find it one. September brought two new (lucikly) planned additions, first there was the arrival of Rocket our beautiful homebred foal from our mare Pepe. I know I am going to say this but she is really beautiful and so unbelievably friendly I fell in love the first time I met her. The second addition arrived just this weekend, Pixie my nephew’s first shetland. My mum had been waiting for Pixie to come up for sale since my sister announced her pregnancy. She is the perfectly behaved pony we had never had as children, she does dressage, plays polo, has been in mounted games teams and stands there whilst you cuddle and kiss her to death, she is everything you don’t expect from a shetland.
  2. Family day out to London– I actually blogged all about this trip so if you want a full read it is here. Right at the beginning of the month we took my mum to London for her Christmas surprise to see the Rolling Stones Exhibition, it was such a lovely day, it is very rare for the four of us to spend an evening together let alone a whole day so it was actually nice to just catch up with each other and talk about useless rubbish we never have time to talk about and there were no arguments which was a miracle in itself.
  3. Outdoor cinema – Again I did a quick post on these outdoor screens here, so I won’t repeat myself again but I was so grateful to have ticked something off my 2016 list and to spend an evening doing something different, although I definitely still want to go to the rooftop cinema in London next year.
  4. Autumn on its way / rugby season- These two I have bunched together because I think one defines the other but the rugby season is back which can only mean Autumn and Winter are on their way! I am not going to pretend I am a massive rugby fan, I enjoy the game but I am not a die-hard follower it is just something I have always done with my Dad. As a Father of three pony mad daughters when we were children he didn’t get much look in, but after much persistence, he managed to get us into Rugby or at least into following the Tigers, our local club. Dad has purchased season tickets this year so we get to go to more games which is exciting, although the first game I went to this season we lost and it was in torrential rain so here is hoping the rest of the season and weather improves.
  5. Just the little things- After all the activities and craziness of the beginning of the month, it’s easy to lose touch with all the little things that make life so good. I am so lucky to love my job, I am sure I have mentioned it before but I love everything about it especially my girls and the amount I get to travel. That was all until the 23rd of this month when I was away and for the first time EVER I was homesick and I really struggled with it. I was desperate to go home for cuddle and cup of tea, to see my dog and speak to my friends and smoother my nephew in hugs and kisses and just talk with my Mum but instead, I was in a hotel on my own too tired to even watch tv. It really made me appreciate the little things, the things I take for granted because they are there on a daily basis. Fortunately, the event went better than I could have expected and I had a whole Sunday with George and Pixie.

I love these posts because it really makes me reflect on the month that has just passed, September has been a great month of catching up with friends and I know I have said it before but I honestly have the best group of girls around me in and out of work. I don’t see them every day and the majority of my texts to them are me solely discussing the hotness of the men in Our Girl, but they really are the best bunch I could ask for.

Until November Guys (really where has this year gone)


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