George Home Want List – Autumn

Ever since the autumnal weather started rolling in I have been obsessed with making new home purchases, scratch that any and all purchases I can make, I think it’s the lack of sunshine to distract me from the shops and the internet.

I have been lusting over so many of George’s new home range since I came across my new chalkboard globe. George has always been my go-to place for photo frames so it’s no surprise I have managed to add so many things to my basket. I love their stuff, yes it’s not the highest quality you can come across, I will be honest I did return three of my frames from my last order but I do think it is very good value for money and the damaged frames have thankfully just been a one off. These are a few things I have either purchased from their new range or will be getting my hands on in the next month. I just wish I had a bigger house.


Chalkboard Globe- £15

I bought this a week or so ago, I wanted it the minute I saw it, it’s the last thing I would expect to find in George, it is so quirky and cool, I love it more than I thought I would.


Grey Chevron Stripe Throw – £12

I can’t wait for this to arrive, I have been looking for a throw for the end of my bed, purely just to hide how bad I am at making it and one the dogs can’t get their paws on.


Enchanted hybrid Fox Cushion- £8

I am cushion obsessed, a lot of mine are pretty plain and grey, I love the cool autumnal twist this cushion has and it still fits my colour scheme perfectly.


Hour Glass Timer – £4.24

I love the simplicity of this, just a nice little monochrome accessory to sit on my bookshelf. I am not sure it’s going to be good for my mental health and stress levels but for less than £5 I think it’s perfect to fill a cute little corner


Jam Jar Light – £8

Like everyone I have become obsessed with the Hygge lifestyle that has recently been introduced to the UK so this little jam jar filled with fairy lights is perfect to help create that cosy corner in the house. My mum has just purchased a shepherds hut and these little pieces are a perfect way to make it feel warm and snug.


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