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Lately I have been trying to make my house feel a bit more ‘homely’ now we are approaching the winter months and I plan to spend a lot more time in it, but like everything homely costs money. Unfortunately for me I still have so much work I need to do on the house which I really should be priotising. Nonetheless I have been looking out for amazingly priced home buys that I thought I would share. Apologies for the amount of grey, apparently it’s my favourite colour.


Tutti Home Concrete Bowl – £20

I am obsessed with concrete interiors at the moment so Tutti home is right up my street. I got this bowl from the Tutti Home range on and I love it.


Mirror – The range £14 Paint Frost- Homebase £4.99

I wanted a white mirror for the bathroom wall but I really didn’t want to spend too much money as my ideas for the bathroom continuously change especially as it never seems to get finished. I bought this mirror from the range for £14, it was a lovely bright shade of pine at the time so I purchased a tester pot of White Frost furniture paint from Homebase for £4.99 to make it into the mirror I wanted.


Bookcase – Hemnes Ikea – £115 (second hand off eBay- £40 )

I have wanted to buy this bookcase since I moved into the house to fill a gap this bookcase would fit in perfectly but I didn’t really want to spend £115 on an Ikea bookcase. So I dedicatedly checked Gumtree and eBay weekly to find one. I managed to win this for £40 which I was beyond chuffed with, I did get slightly confused between Tamworth and Tanworth so my sister and I had a nice drive over to Solihull but it was definitely worth it, I am happier than I thought I would be with it, it is in brand new condition so it just shows patience does pay off sometimes!



Chalk Globe – George Asda£15 

I promised myself I would make no more house purchases this month but I saw this at Asda and I have been obsessed since, it was £15 and usually that would have kept me away but I knew this was a purchase I would regret not buying. I couldn’t be happier with this, it’s a perfect twist on the classic globe and matches my interior perfectly. I have purchased theses white chalk pens off amazon for £3, I am hoping I can rope my much more artistic older sister into some calligraphy for me to finish it off.


White photo frames – George Asda £3

In my house’s true fashion, There is a massive amount of air space on the stairs which serves no purpose. I have tried to think of so many ways to utilise the space but I don’t intend to stay in this house for long so it just simply isn’t worth the investment it would cost so I decided to use the tall white wall to finally house some of 70 photos I have developed. I have had 9 of my favourite photos printed in black and white and they are going to grouped in a block on the wall against the stairs. I will update with photos when it is complete.

Glass bottles -Velvet -Lutterworth– £8

I bought these bottles with full intention to have them filled in the bathroom but at the moment I like how they look on the shelf. Velvet is a small interior shop in my town and I love it. You have to go in there with an open mind but I always find something to buy, it’s a perfect mix of new and vintage interior accessories at affordable prices.


White Mosslanda picture edge shelves – Ikea- £4.55 

 I love these shelves, I have a larger one downstairs in the dining room, they are perfect for casual photos, accessories and make up brushes in my case. I put these up in the spare room for additional surface space.

Warm white fairy lights- Primark- £2

I went through the stage a few years back of taking polaroids all of the time, I knew it was a fad that I would grow out of, the cost of the film is not worth the bright white prints I  took more often than not but I did end up with some great photos that have sat in a box. I bought a pack of white warm battery powered lights from Primark for £2 and they are fab. They take three AA batteries and look amazing. Once I have decided on a wall, I am going to hang them up and use little metalic pegs to finally put my polaroid prints on display.


Candles – Primark – a varied price 

I tend to only buy my candles from Primark because they do every style I want and they have a range of them in grey, they always smell great and of course they are cheap. I picked these up on my last trips and love them.


Peony Bouquet – The range – £3.49 

I love the house to be filled with flowers and plants but fresh flowers are costly and obviously die so I picked these up from the range and I love them. They are only small so obviously, not a centrepiece but they look great as an accessory grouped together.

This post has been a bit of shock, these were all purchases I made in September after telling myself I have bought myself nothing house related. I have now completely reevaluated my definition of nothing. I am always looking out for nice house finds at affordable prices so please let me know of places I might like.

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