Twenty things all 20 something girls need to remember…

For those days when you would rather be on the sofa with your pet, PJs whilst attempting to eat your body weight in pasta, because life is never easy for anyone, your struggles may seem glaringly obvious to you but they are as well hidden as every other 20 somethings struggles. So on these rainy days remember the following:

  1. Social media isn’t real, when did you last upload a selfie where you thought you looked ugly? No one lets the cracks in their life show on Instagram and Facebook so take comfort in the fact that everyone probably has a photo they don’t want the world to see.
  2. It doesn’t matter if you are not in your dream job by 25, it definitely doesn’t mean you are never going to get there. *cue desperate google searches for celebrities that didn’t find success until they were 40. (A work favourite of ours)
  3. It is ok to eat an entire Pizza to yourself on a Sunday night and still feel hungry.
  4. Designer bags and shoes won’t make your life feel any more fulfilled than the one you picked up and lust over from Zara. Nonetheless, if that is what you want to save money and work towards then go for it. We all have our own goals.
  5. A bath, cup of tea, fluffy socks, cosy PJ’s and a Disney film can fix a whole world of problems.
  6. It is ok to feel like the most hard-done-to person in the WHOLE WORLD for a few minutes. We would be lying if we didn’t say we all did it. Everything is relative.
  7.  That most girls put on weight in relationships, so you may be single but at least you are skinny and winning and have more calories to spend on eating out with your girls.
  8. It is ok if some of your favourite makeup is the cheapest on the high street.
  9. If you actually feel unwell no one is going to want you in the office, that one day off sick isn’t going to hold your career back. Stay in bed and rest that head.
  10. Some people will leave your life and that is ok! Just like ex-boyfriends you can make mistakes with your choice of friends or you can just grow apart. You don’t need to feel guilty for distancing yourself from people who bring you down.
  11. You are not a boring person if you’d rather stay in at the weekend instead of heading out in crippling shoes and a tiny dress. It’s also fine if all you want to do at the weekend is drink and dance the night away. The weekend is your time to enjoy, so enjoy it.
  12. It is completely acceptable to want to punch the friend who says ‘money won’t make you happy’ when you are trying to save. No Sally apparently it won’t but being able to pay bills so I have hot water and heating will. Again all relative.
  13. Its ok if you took a credit card out just to go on holiday with the girls, you need it. Of course, you can pay it off before your parents find out. Besides you’re an adult now, any bad financial decisions are your own to make, and there is nothing they can say about it.
  14. You can never watch Harry Potter too many times. FACT.
  15. Look after your skin, you may have got away with abusing and neglecting your face for the last 25 years but age is not kind, so go on and spoil yourself.
  16. Breakups make you a thinner, stronger person and mean your friends all swarm around you with all the food you usually have to avoid. Who said break-ups were a bad thing??
  17. It is fine waiting for every film you want to see to come onto Netflix, remortgaging your house just to see a new film at the cinema is no longer a cheap date.
  18. It is ok if the majority of your wardrobe has come from Primark, you can shop ethically like you promised when you are rich. Right now, £4 long sleeve staples are you priority to survive the winter.
  19. You don’t have to be a member of some overpriced gym, studies have shown sleeping, drinking red wine and eating chocolate all help you lose weight. Friday night weight loss plans in place.
  20. Close friends, wine and comfort food is the strongest combination to put the world to rights.

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