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Following on from my last makeup post I wanted to share some of the makeup and cosmetics I have picked up at mostly bargain prices lately. I do try and purchase most of my products from cruelty-free brands but I am aware some are not, so if you have any alternatives from the brands that are cruelty-free I would love to hear of recommendations.


Loreal Pure Clay Charcoal mask– £5 I picked this up from Boots a few weeks ago now, it was on offer for £5 and I had enough points on my points card not to have to actually pay for it so I thought I would give it a try. I have been dying to try the Glam Glow Youthmud Tingle Exfoliate mask but at £40 I keep putting it off. I have heard some really good things about the Loreal pure clay masks, so decided to test it out one Friday night. The mask smells great, contrary to what other reviews have said and goes on easily. I wouldn’t say it is messy at all especially if you use a foundation brush. The mask dries quickly, you can feel it working straight the way. I tried to take a sip of my tea five minutes in, which was useless as I couldn’t move a single muscle in my face.  After ten minutes the mask had complete dried and I washed it off with warm water and a cloth. Please remember this is a black mask so don’t use your best white flannel, but again saying that it was nowhere near as messy as other people have said, I honestly don’t know what they had been doing with it. I was so pleased with the results my skin looked and felt so much cleaner, smoother and brighter. I would really recommend this product if you haven’t tried many masks before. For £5 I really don’t think you will find better.

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NYX Matte lip cream-  NYX is a brand that you probably have been spotting EVERWHERE this year. They offer a huge range of affordable high-quality makeup all of which is cruelty-free. Honestly, I have to admit it’s a brand I haven’t been taking much notice of but I have been looking for an orange matte lipstick and they just so happened to have the exact colour I wanted so for £5.99 I thought it would be worth giving them and try to see what all the hype is about. I purchased the orangey colour code SMLC 28. I couldn’t be happier with the colour it was exactly what I was looking for, perfect for the autumn months without being as bold as a classic red matte lipstick. I used a base coat before I put the gloss on, my first impressions were not that great it went on looking a bit ‘bitty’ but within a few seconds when the liquid dried a little it turned into the perfect matte shade I wanted with an even coverage that lasted all afternoon. For £5.99 I am really impressed with this range and will definitely be treating myself to more in the future.


Benefit It’s potent eye cream- £5 deluxe Mini  I have cheated a bit here because the boots at Fosse Park in Leicester sell four mini benefit products for £15 or individually for £5. I think they are great because I get bored of makeup quite quickly so it means I don’t have to commit to the high prices to never finish the tub. I had purchased the Benefit It’s potent eye cream a long time ago and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It works wonders on my undereye especially when I feel I need ten days more sleep. I didn’t really want to spend another £25 on a tub when Christmas is approaching so I purchased the £5 mini which will last me until then. If you are looking for a new eye cream I 100% recommend this one especially as you can just buy the small pot before investing in the bigger one.



img_0771 img_0773 img_0772


Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Foundation – £29.50 I wouldn’t call this a bargain find but I have been on the search for new foundation for a while and was set on the idea of Nars Sheer Glow foundation until I came across Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation. I had seen a few comments about how good this foundation works so thought I would have a look on their website.  I have always used YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint foundation, it is everything I ever wanted in a foundation but I have promised myself to buy cruelty-free products as often as I can so the Magic Foundation was ticking so many boxes. My only issue was that there is no Charlotte Tilbury stockist in Leicester and I usually like to test the colour of foundation before I buy. I decided to take a risk and buy it off the website. There is extensive help selecting the colour and I was shocked when it arrived just how well I had selected for myself, (even if I did have to admit to myself beforehand that I wasn’t as tanned as I probably thought). I went with shade 4 as I thought the model’s hair and skin colour was the nearest match to mine. The foundation is sold as full coverage but feels so light on your face and absorbs into your skin quickly, I was really pleased with how evenly it went on my skin and how it lasted throughout the day. I was surprised to see how many shades you could buy this foundation in, it really caters for nearly all skin types.

The Samples – Along with my foundation, I received three samples of the foundation in two other shades either side and a sample of my shade, I guess so you can return your foundation if it isn’t correct. These were a godsend and will be a good indicator of what colour I would need in the summer when I am (hopefully) more tanned. As well as the foundation samples, I received two samples of my choice so I selected the clay mask as I wanted to compare to the Loreal mask and the primer because again I had run out of my YSL Blur primer. Lastly, they sent me a sample of Charlotte Tilbury’s new perfume, Scent of a dream. I am usually really fussy with perfumes but that morning I was being lazy and the perfume was in my hand so I thought I would give it a try and my god I love it. I will without a doubt be adding this to my Christmas list. The scent is quite strong which I love and reminds me a lot of my Tom Ford Velvet orchid perfume. It probably wouldn’t be something I would wear to work but it’s perfect for the evening, it stayed on all day and I couldn’t get over just how great it smelt. I haven’t yet tried the two samples I selected but when I do I will update with my verdict. The Magic Foundation is the first item I have purchased from Charlotte Tilbury and I will definitely be staying with this brand.


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