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I am a really loyal blog follower, if I find something I like I will return daily with tightly crossed fingers hoping that something new has been added. These are the blogs I read daily because one they are so much better than mine, two I don’t want to get out of bed, three I need to know what people are buying and where to buy all the cute things I don’t need from and lastly because so many of them share my love for overpriced Jo Malone candles I can experience them vicariously through them, even if I can’t smell them, they look so pretty and I have saved myself £40.


Makeup savvy has been mentioned before and was probably the first real blog I came across that I started checking every day. My favourite part of makeupsavvy is that she is super frugal. I love her eBay finds posts. It was refreshing to find a blogger who isn’t spending £50 a pop on concealer or my mortgage on the new must have perfume.  She is mainly beauty but she does some great blogging tips and some really good lifestyle pieces. She’s a babe.

The makeup directory – I actually only came across Sally’s blog a few days ago but it flew straight to the top of a daily must check. What I love most about The Makeup Directory is the photographs, they are beautiful (I know they are only of tubs of makeup) but Sally has a real eye and creative spark that leaves me lusting over products whether the review is good or bad.


Katelavive – Probably the crispest (is that a word) blog out there. If my house could be reflected by a blog it would be this one. Kate’s blog is all round blog goals. Everything is just so pretty. I would say again this is probably more fitting to the beauty blogger section but she does some amazing home tours and other bits and bobs which I would class as the lifestyle so she is here.  Kate has some of the best pieces on there, and I don’t know if its a thing but my candle envy on  her blog is out of control at the minute.

Girl lost in the city – Emma Gannon actually made it onto my podcast list, she is also the author of the best seller, CTl, ALT, Delete. Emma has found a real niche with her podcast, it is what I mainly visit her page for but she does have some really interesting posts and her writing style is amazing.

Whatoliviadid – Whatolivadid actually caught my attention after Oliva was on Emma Gannon’s podcast, I thought I would head over to her site and have a look and one of the articles on the page was how to spend 24 hours in Birmingham. A city just down the road from me that I know little about and it was so insightful. Oliva is one of those bloggers who started when blogging wasn’t a thing so her blogs are a bit out of my league with 5 star hotels and safari trips around Africa but I still like a daily check to see what she is wearing and to see her photos because they are insanely beautiful!

Sophie Cliff – I came across Sophie’s blog on bloglovin and subscribed to her posts then and there! Sophie is one of those bloggers who I feel I really know from reading her blog, I actually feel like I could have gone to school with her ( I didn’t, but you know), there is actually a person behind it, life isn’t always perfect and rosey but she is there and she has a really positive vibe and she’s a blogger outside of London. It is nice to get a perspective away from the big city.

Hannah Gale – I stumbled on Hannah’s blog whilst reading a post on Sophie’s. The blogging world is so incestuous, we shall say that instead of me sounding like I blog binge/ stalk people. The first post I read from Hannah’s blog was titled “22 reasons why being in your late twenties is bloody ace”.  The post had me howling with laughter so much I shared it on twitter, I absolutely love her writing style she is brilliant. Her content is so good, her photos are amazing and she is generally killing it you need to check her out.


Vix Meldrew – Firstly I struggle every time to believe Vix is 30?!? She looks younger than I did when I turned 20. My god, I don’t know how I got by without her blog, she is HILARIOUS, I mean not just a little funny, a spit your tea out funny. Vix’s blog is the first blog I think I have ever found that is actually real life, there is no glossy ‘life is great I’m staying at the Savoy this is my to die for boyfriend isn’t life a blessing’ shit that you can come across, its the raw real life crap that we all have to go through when we find ourselves single in our mid twenties. I love her, I send at least one of her posts to friends every week.

Nobaddatesjustgoodstories – Lauren’s blog was the first dating blog I ever read so it had to get a mention, I loved how liberating it was that girls could open and honestly come home after a date and blog about it, I can’t even tell my mum when I am dating someone so I loved reading this. Lauren’s blog was catapulted when her Ocado and Chill post went viral and made it on to Dailymail because her date asked for the money back from the coffee he bought her (no joke). She is just a normal girl in her mid-twenties looking for love like the rest of us, I just wish she would post more often!


Travel blogs are the only category I don’t read every day because I get major travel envy and want to quit my job and jump on a plane, but I do like to have a look where people are travelling and what I am missing out on working 9 -5 (not making a living, thanks Dolly)

World of wanderlustThis is the big one of the travel bloggers, if you have a destination Brook has probably covered it. The 24-year-old from Australia has even seen more of London than I have. It’s a go to when booking a trip, especially a city break, I love her ‘how to spend a weekend’ posts about different cities.

I have been looking at a few more recently but not often enough to comment so hopefully I will have some in the future, I would love to hear some recommendations of everyone’s go to travel blogs, especially any that offer travel advice on how to travel with a full-time job and not a lot of spare money.





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