Five Moments – October

A shorter new title, but the same grateful moments.

I started this month with literally no plans of which excited me greatly. I  have finally started to see my savings doing well after admitting defeat in a life long argument that Waitrose is actually more expensive and made myself try Aldi. Well it has literally changed my life, the employees on the till still won’t entertain my excited conversation when I still can’t believe how little my shop comes to but I love it, I have also become one of those who is constantly saying ‘Aldi’s version of this is better than the original’ and so on, and don’t even get me started on how good their wines are. Sorry I have sidetracked there but being able to save money whilst still enjoying all the things I love is important. Although I thought this month was going to be a chilled one, I couldn’t be more wrong, I have still managed to pack it full. So here are my five grateful moments in October.

  1. Indoor trampolining– Like everything these indoor trampoline parks have been popping up everywhere. I had fully expected to be one of the last people to visit one because Leicester really gets nothing, and I was almost right, Leicester still hasn’t got one but luckily for me both Nottingham and Leamington Spa do. So one Monday night we booked to go to Go Jumpin in Leamington Spa and it was so much fun. It was £10 for the hour and £2 for the socks you need but it was such good exercise and I cried with laughter over and over. I couldn’t recommend this place more, I have heard the park at Nottingham is much bigger but for £10 I thought it was really good value for money, so much so I went back the next week. It is a great date idea if you don’t mind laughing at yourself or being laughed at.  We also nipped into Leamington Spa after, I used to spend a lot of time in Leamington as my dentist was there but I haven’t been back in years. It’s such a cool town that I want to explore more of, there is some really quirky independent shops, cafes and restaurants .
  2. Arboretum with dad – For Christmas last year along with Mum we really didn’t know what to do for Dad’s present. (We aren’t usually this bad at presents, really!) His 50th Birthday had only taken place the month before, packed full of nice things and he is not a materialistic person in the slightest. So instead we said we would take him out for a day, wherever he wanted to go, (I mean what else do you get someone who has everything including the worlds best middle daughter?) He wanted to go back to Westonbirt Arboretum down in the Cotswolds. It had to be one particular weekend to make sure the colour of the leaves were perfect for Autumn turning, we packed up the car, and headed on down.  I am so glad we went the trees were so pretty and the views were amazing, it was a day out I loved and probably wouldn’t have done if Dad hadn’t suggested it. My older sister used to live down in Cirencester and there was a pub she used to frequent and we had visited before so we booked in for a much needed roast dinner after a 3 hour walk, the pub was so cosy and quaint, completely off the beaten track there was a roaring fire and big chesterfields around it to sink into with a glass of wine. This is absolutely my favourite time of the year, it was a perfect round up for the end of the month.
  3. Little treats – I have been squirrelling away money again to make sure I have enough for house stuff, holidays and Christmas so for the last few months purchases for me have been pretty not existent. So this month I finally decided to treat myself to some new expensive makeup and the odd treat here and there. I got myself a new copy of Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier it’s one of my favourite books and my other copy had lost pages and some more bits and bobs for the house.  Law of attraction tells you to make purchases as soon as you feel you are worrying about money as money worries attract money problems, it was a good enough reason to go out and treat myself to a few things and I have loved the parcels being delivered every few days.
  4. Lots of laughs with my work girls- I love my work girls, they literally have me in stitches. They are three girls I spend the most time with. We are at work for 7 hours a day so I always think how miserable my job might be without them. I am grateful that not only do I enjoy working with them but I genuinely just enjoy their company. We do so much random stuff together, and finally spent a traumatic evening watching Girl on the Train after we had all read the book.
  5. My Pets- I didn’t know what to name this one, as animals sounded too much like a zoo but I never see horses as pets but pets it is. I just wanted to mention Dougal and the horses, I know how lucky I am to be able to have a Dog. I wouldn’t have the luxury if it wasn’t for my Mum and her husband as I travel a lot with work and they look after him and the horses as well. I absolutely love having Dougal and it was by far one of the best decisions I made. I love coming home to him, he is ridiculously loyal, he is always wagging his tail and the walks have made me get out and go and see places I wouldn’t have before. I obviously have Rooney too ( I didn’t name any animals mentioned in this post for the record) and he is just incredible, he gave me the confidence to keep riding when any sane person would have given up, I have had so many bad falls and broken arms it was really losing its appeal before we got him, he is just an amazing giant of a very weirdly put together horse! And lastly little Silky the polo  donkey pony is getting a mention. I have been working on him for about a month now and he is going so well, he is now loading in the horse lorry again and working really hard, I am so pleased with his progress and he is just a delight to be around.

So this is October done and dusted. I can’t believe we are stepping into November and heading into our Christmas count down. Until next month!


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