20 things I love about England at Christmas

So I think it is safe to say by 9 am this morning EVERYONE must have seen the John Lewis advert, along with yesterday’s sleepless night after the BEST episode yet of The Missing, it was all I could talk about. I have to admit it wasn’t my favourite of John Lewis adverts but the song is already etched into my brain for the whole of eternity and I know by the end of the Christmas period I will too want a cute hedgehog and a trampoline, foxes and badgers still not so much,ta. Anyway to the point and I feel this blog is completely appropriate this morning as the big JL have declared Christmas officially OPEN and I am so ruddy excited I can’t wait.

We usually give good old Great Britain a hard time, especially from those of us born and raised here who despite birthdays being in June it still rains, it rains through weddings, bbq’s, birthdays, Christmas any special occasion our weather system ruins. But there is one time of year that England does well and that’s Christmas, there is a reason all the winter classics are filmed here and it’s because we do Christmas the best (Strong from me, I know). These are my reasons why I love England at Christmas so much.

  1. It is cold, ok so it never really snows like the films suggest but it’s still cosy and weather for once gives you a good excuse to stay in.
  2. We have amazing Christmas lights in every Town and City across the country.
  3. We have the cutest festive towns and village, I mean,the Cotswolds have you seen them? It’s like Harry Potter Christmas meets The Holiday
  4. We have barrels of mulled wine and it is delicious
  5. We have an abundance of country pubs with roaring fires and cheese lots and lots of cheese
  6. You get to go back to your parents for the holiday and there is food EVERYWHERE
  7. Catching up with school friends is just everyone’s excuse to get drunk in the village on Christmas eve
  8. Work is something that every knows they once did but it’s completely forgotten about for that week whilst you binge watch films and eat yourself into a coma
  9. We embrace Christmas jumpers in a geek chic way, where everyone hopes they look cute but actually are just pulling it off in the most awkward way
  10. We get visits from German markets and they are amazing
  11. We have Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and it is as magical as it sounds
  12. Every town still has the creepy Santa that visits being towed by a landrover and you still get excited when you see it going down the street
  13. Oxford street lights are a tourist attraction in themselves
  14. We have amazing carol singers and choirs, of course, I was never part of
  15. The weather is never actually that bad that we get snowed in and can’t make any of our festive plans
  16.  Pigs in blankets are everywhere in December! Thank you Pret a Manger
  17. The countdown is allowed to begin as soon as Tesco and John Lewis feels it is appropriate, Septembers rolled in advent calendars are out, oookay then!
  18. Every church across the country will do midnight mass and you promise everyone you will make it this year
  19. The nativity story gets more and more far-fetched each year, your drive to work you spot and child as a Christmas tree, Rocket and dolphin. Nothing surprises you!
  20. We have Cadburys advert calendars, who make it perfectly acceptable to start the day eating chocolate!

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