My weekly trends

I have started this weekly post to go alongside my five moments post as I was finding I had so much I wanted to add every month but I wanted them to be the big things, not just the things I liked day-to-day and also I wanted somewhere to rant about the things that annoy me, I think are pointless or are unnecessarily clogging up my facebook page.

My loves this week

Gilmore Girls – I have lost count a number of times I, my sister and my friend Becky have watched the whole Gilmore Girls series, so when they announced that they were making a special Gilmore Girls reunion series we were beyond excited. We had plans of copious amounts of Gilmore Girls approved food and to binge watch them all together, didn’t we Becky?! Well, Becky caved and watched it before we could get round to this. I have not yet watched it, it’s like when you have that special bottle of Champagne and there never seems to be a special enough time to open it. I will watch it, eventually, I will.

Christmas tree selection – Yesterday the scene couldn’t have been set more perfectly unless it had snowed, (which would have actually been more inconvenient than necessary). It was frosty, the sky was blue and the sun shone and my friend Niece (Shout out) owed me a drive because she has had her license for too long now and still hadn’t taken me for a spin in her mini, so we drove up to Oakberry tree farm to select my Christmas tree. I have always selected a tree for the farm, so I have never had a limit on the size or price (because I didn’t pay) where as this year I had a budget and ceilings to contend with. The guy working was an absolute gent helping me find the perfect tree, not telling me to do one when I didn’t like the ones in the showroom, or out the back and took me and Niece out to the fields until I found the one I wanted. I am fussy, I am sure I won’t be allowed back. I am off to collect it today ready for decorations on the 1st, I cannot wait. I love that Oakberry farm is just down the road and I can select my own tree, it feels so hygge and traditional.

The Missing – I am still recovering from the mini heart attack I nearly had from last Wednesday’s episode. I hadn’t heard anything about the Missing on BBC until my colleague kept insisting I watch it, so I caught up on the first three episodes and I was hooked. I can’t wait for the final tonight.

Treats for me – This year I decided I was going to treat myself to Christmas presents, an utterly selfish thing I can hear you say but not many of my family want presents this year, (well I am sure they want presents, they just don’t really want to buy them in return) and I had been saving money for them so I thought why not spend it on the one person that counts (jokes) and treat myself to things I really want. I will be doing a blog post soon on it.

Mince Pies– oh the humble mince pie, I have nothing to say but I love you.

Pet hates of the week

Mannequin Challenge- I am still not sure what the point of these are, they don’t seem to be raising awareness or money for any sort of charity, it just makes people look like idiots and it’s clogging up my news feeds.

Jo Malone not being included in black Friday- One of my December treats was a new bottle of Jo Malone perfume, at £86 per bottle I was hoping that SOMEWHERE, SOMEONE would be putting some sort of teeny weeny discount on Jo Malone perfume, I know it’s not needed, this stuff sells out like gold dust, but I mean come on, it’s Christmas doesn’t a girl deserve to smell good, for a little less this year? Nonetheless, I bought a bottle, thanks, John Lewis for the free delivery it’s more than Selfridges could do.

Felt tips- Yup you read that right, I think I must be one of a very few that still enjoy the adult colouring books, I know it was a fad, a craze, whatever you want to call it but I love them on a sundry night when I am watching tv, they keep me away from my phone and clear my head. So I purchased the new Christmas book by Johanna Basford and thought this time I would get some felt tips, they look a lot easier than pencils, less effort to colour with, and they are bolder. I couldn’t wait to start but they look shit, really shit, I even got the approved pens and my book now looks like it’s been attacked by my 20-month nephew.

The Price of the cinema– I love nothing more than seeing a film at the cinema but what is going down is having to remortgage my house every time I want to see a film.


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