Five Moments – November

  1. Bastille- I have loved Bastille ever since the very first time I heard flaws on made in Chelsea back in 2011. I love that song so much I can even remember that part of the episode it played on and I have been obsessed by them ever since. Dan is an absolute dream and his voice is just something else. In November I, my sister and some friends went to see them live in Birmingham. It was such a good night, and to top it off Dan came into the crowd and was so close I could have touched him, that would have been if I wasn’t so worried It was a fight and actually hid behind my friends.
  2. Fireworks – Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year, maybe more in my head than in reality but I was desperate to go see some especially as it fell on a Saturday, I didn’t really have an excuse, and there was a big display taking place just down the road from my house. So me and the girls wrapped in nowhere near enough layers, as it was ridiculously cold and went to watch them all go off.  After being served cold mulled wine (I didn’t know the world could be so cruel) we headed to the pub where my friend got through so much prosecco she fell asleep on the pub sofa, the night was filled with so much laughter it has been on of my favs this month!
  3. First frosty morning – I woke on Wednesday 2nd November drew back the curtains to see our first real frosty morning. The rooftops were white, the sky bright blue, cars, paths and anything that lay outside was frosted over. I loved it, it felt so Christmasy and the first sign of a real British wintery day. I know it’s only a small thing to be so grateful over but everything looked so lovely on my walk to work.
  4. Family time – November has both my Dads birthday and my Granny’s birthday so means lots of family time which can often just stress me out, so many people with their own opinions close enough to you to just say it how it is. My younger sister suggested that we do something for Granny’s birthday at my house, I wasn’t balled over with the idea, I was running a conference in London on Saturday and I hadn’t slept properly for the week I really just wanted the Sunday to myself to catch up and chill out but I agreed and the run up was so stressful, I spent all Sunday cleaning and prepping and then dad sliced his arm washing up my Waitrose casserole tray (it split in the wash bowl) there was blood everywhere, a paramedic and a badges involved so by the time the family all assembled into my house I was exhausted but it turned out to be a really lovely afternoon. It was great to see my cousins they grow up so quickly, and my granny who is the last person to dish out a compliment said it was one of her favourite birthdays ever. So credit for the idea can only go to Pip although dedication to washing up definitely goes to Dad. It just shows how little things you do can really make a massive difference to other people, hearing that having some food at my house just with close family made this one of my Granny’s favourite birthdays was really humbling and something I won’t take for granted again.
  5. Lots of time off work– So I have found there are some perks to being over worked until you thought you would forget what feeling awake or your own bed felt like and that is a lot of accumulated overtime and holiday. This month I decided to take a week off and in hindsight I wished I had booked it for next week when it’s socially acceptable to ramp the Christmas cheer up a gear and get the house all Christmasy, but all is not lost, I have had lots of time to enjoy with friends, go for lunches, walk Dougal in the light, ride the horses and look at Christmas trees. I am also sat here watching Muppet Christmas carol a personal favourite and an absolute must, at least a few times before Christmas. This week off has got me all excited for the long break, lie-ins and mince pies to come!

I can’t believe that the next time I write one of these posts we will be heading into 2017, I still can’t believe where this year has gone. I also wanted to say thank you for all the lovely feedback on my Instagram blog, it was a bit scary putting out there but I am really grateful I did.


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