My Weekly Trends

My Weekly Trends

Going up 

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! (Better known as December) The most wonderful time of the year some might say. I had the week off last week so I packed it full of some Christmas cheer. I went to the tree farm and picked the perfect tree, I decorated it, snuck into my mum’s house to fill advent calendars, I watched some of my favourite Christmas films and did my Christmas shopping. I am well and truly in the Christmas spirit.

My Girls (Not that they were never not up) I just love them. When I wrote my blog on the 20 things my Instagram won’t tell you, I was having a manic time at work and had zero time to see anyone and I think things were just on top of me, I got some great feedback but I think some people were concerned I was depressed, I am not, I was just in a rut of constant comparison and lack of sleep. Nothing a week off, some perspective and a whole lot of grow up and not give a fuck couldn’t fix. Anyway during my week off I dragged myself out of my cocoon of blankets and made an effort to see my girls, and boy do I feel better for it. I find it so easy to stay in and put off making plans, but this is the most social month of the year and I am going to make the most of it.

Planet earth- This isn’t only just going up, I bloody love it, I would go as far as saying it makes my Sunday evening. It’s just this is only my second trend post and I was prompted by a report that stated more young people are watching Planet Earth than X-factor, because X-factor is a heap of shit and offers you nothing, Planet Earth is an emotional roller coaster showing us the wonders of the world.

Fake Tan- I went through a stage of tan where unless it was real it wasn’t worth having. In the good olds days when I would holiday a few times a year. But a bit of colour really makes me feel like a whole new sassier, slimmer version of me. So I have been layering up (subtly, I hope) this week for a bit of a winter glow.


Going Down

Gilmore girls – From being at the top of my list last week, things took a sudden turn for the worse. When I compared it to that special bottle of champagne you keep because you can never find a special enough moment. Well, it was like finding that special moment and realising you haven’t stored the bottle right and its turned and tastes like warm piss. This is how I currently feel about the new series of the Gilmore Girls, I am so angry. I had closure, I didn’t need a new series, there is so much wrong with it starting with Lorali’s voice. I have just finally reached the point Logan is back so there is a silver lining.

Going back to work after a week off  – Have I mentioned I had a week off? I did, it was fabulous, back to dark walks to work, cold aircon and no 3pm tea, crumpets and nap. I say no more.

Living on my own – I always dreamed of having the independence of living on my own, me and my dog, doing what I want, I couldn’t wait for the day, the day I was finally an adult. That day can wait, I hate it. I hate the creeks in the floor boards when the shower drips when the doors shut anything unexpected and spooky freaks me out. The other night I had been out to see a friend and got home around 10 ish. Dougal was super happy to see me, I was pleased to see the Christmas tree still standing, when all of a sudden the shower turned on and off (I KID YOU FREAKIN’ NOT) and there were bangs upstairs. I was outta there in a flash, so much so I forgot about poor Dougal. I sat in my car (Freezing) and called my mum to drive 5 miles to come see if there was a crazed man dressed in women’s clothing waiting to stab me upstairs (Luther reference). Luckily after a 10-minute wait and a lot of jokes and zero sympathy from my friends, me and mum investigated every corner of the house to find nothing. All it’s shown me is one I am a massive wimp, two I need to pick nicer tv programmes and three I don’t want to be an adult.




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