My Recent beauty buys- December

As we roll into winter my make-up is no longer my sole focus. In the summer because of suncream, my routine is very basic but in the winter due of the walk to work and the blast of aircon/ heating and damage tissues cause from my never ending colds I make a lot more effort to repair damage and keep my skin as hydrated and as healthy as possible.


Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme – £7.47– I love everything about the Nip and Fab range so it comes as no surprise that these are currently my new beauty obsession. I am so impressed by what a punch these tiny pads pack. I use a couple a week, once I have washed all my makeup off and just wipe around my face and neck before sleep. My skin is much more hydrated by the morning, it looks and feels smooth and my complexion is a lot more even. I bought these when they were on offer but I would still buy at full price and will without a doubt be purchasing these again.


Garnier SkinActive Oil-infused Micellar cleansing water- £3.99– Only a few posts back I wrote a bit about Garnier’s Micellar cleansing water here and from the first use I was instantly hooked, in fear that I was making my way through the bottle rapidly I decided to buy some more for safe storing (you know in case of a zombie apocalypse or a snow in and I couldn’t get to the shops) when I came across their Oil-infused Micellar water. This one (and yeah I know I raved about the last one and my opinions have not changed) but this one is a game changer, it easily takes off all my waterproof make-up and every last spec of mascara and the added oil leaves my skin feeling so much more hydrated and fresh. I was worried it would leave behind a greasy layer but it doesn’t at all, I haven’t felt the need to moisturise my skin so much using this product but you could continue your skincare routine as usual. For the price tag, this product will be on my shelf for the foreseeable future.


Soap and Glory Speed Plump all day super moisturiser-  £13 I have spoken quite a bit about Soap and Glory in the past and I know its not everyone’s go-to skincare brand, its a bit teenybopper (yes I did just drag that back from the 90s) or associated with presents you get in a secret Santa that you really don’t want, but I really do love them and I am not lying they are really really great. I used to use the Clarins Daily Energizer cream and I loved it but at £21 I couldn’t justify it throughout the winter because I really do love to moisturise so last year I started buying the Soap and Glory day and night creams and I just love them. They are both fab but I have just continued with the day moisturiser. It absorbs into my skin really well leaving it really well nourished and bright. It isn’t greasy or heavy and makes a brilliant base for my make-up. I wouldn’t know if it does any ‘plumping’ to be honest I didn’t buy it for that and I can plump my cheeks up enough with my diet but as nicely priced moisturiser I have found it works wonders!


Feel unique pick n mix makeup samples – £3.99 delivery

I came across this a few months ago and I love it. Feel unique do a pick ‘n’ mix of five free samples and all you have to do is pay for the delivery. They even send you a voucher after the purchase if you want to make a full-size purchase so really this can be for free and some of the samples are amazing. In my first order, I chose Nars Velvet Matte skin tint, Emma Hardie cleansing balm, Bare minerals marvellous Moxie lip gloss, L’Occitane Divine Youth Oil and Elemis dynamic resurfacing night cream. So far I have tried all but the night cream and some I will 100% purchase. The cleansing balm, I had been hearing some amazing things about but at £38 a tub I didn’t get what the hype could be about but after one use this is a staple, it cleans my makeup off amazingly and leaves my skin so fresh, smooth and clean I absolute love it. Nars never lets me down and this matte foundation definitely doesn’t disappoint, I was really surprised with how great this product is, it went on evenly and the colour matched my skin tone perfectly, I also got a weeks worth of use out of the sample pot, which considering it cost me nothing is great.  The bare minerals lip gloss is lovely, for a sample size it’s very generous and would be great for night outs, I absolutely love the colour but it’s a bit sticky and very glossy, I am definitely more of a matte lipstick wearer than gloss, so whilst I love the colour and the coverage it’s not something I would buy again just because of the level of shiny gloss. The L’Occitane oil I only got one use of because of the packaging and with the amount of skincare I had incorporated lately I felt the added oil wasn’t really needed. I might have a different view if I tried it for longer. If you haven’t seen this offer check their website here. I love that you can get perfume samples from here as well, it is a great opportunity to try perfumes on you for the day before you buy.

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