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Having no full weeks left at work 2016- I have fully been bitten by the holiday bug, at the beginning of the year I was so bogged down with work I wouldn’t take time off for anything, but after my week off last week, I can’t get enough of it. With all my left over holiday I have booked days off every week before Christmas and even the few days before Christmas so  I can have a super long time binge eating mince pies and pigs in blankets.

My dad finally embracing Christmas! – My Dad has lived on his own for about 4 years now, since he moved from our family home he has not decorated for Christmas at all. I think last year he had a token Santa flying a plane and that was it. This year my sister, her partner and my nephew are staying with him so using my 2-year-old nephew as leverage and a sprinkle of emotional blackmail I have managed to convince him to get a real tree and add some festive spirit into his house, for George’s sake of course! On Thursday night me and my sisters, along with George shouting Jingle bells, at every bauble, decorated, I made mince pies and we spent some time together. It’s what Christmas is about for me and I am so happy his house finally feels like Christmas!

Festive baking- I love baking but I often put it off because my kitchen doesn’t have the largest surface area and the ingredients initially are quite pricey, but recently, after nailing a banana, peanut butter and chocolate loaf bake a few times, I have seen myself running for star baker. So this year I promised the work girls I would make them mince pies, including the pastry. After one win at the work bake off a few years ago, I make out I am Mary bloody Berry so I was sweating a bit, but the first attempt at pastry turned out well! And they tasted so much better knowing I had made them all.

Paperchase Christmas cards – I always buy my Christmas cards from Paperchase, I am a sucker for a 3 for 2 offer, even though I don’t need that many cards, but I also love that they donate to a range of different charities. I pick my cards based on the charities on the back, they are all for such amazing causes. This year I got cards supporting , Place2be, The Alzheimer’s Society and Children with Cancer UK.


Bills before Christmas- I never had an issue with Severn Trent, they provide me with water so neither I nor my clothes start to smell, they assure me I will never dehydrate, and my bills were never too pricey. But dropping a little email mid-December saying your bill is ready is not what anyone wants! They didn’t even wish me a happy holiday!

Nights out – I am not saying I don’t have a good time on nights out, I love them. I love being out with my favs, dressed up feeling my best, the photos, the memories, it’s just all the prep before hand, the money I spend, the expensive taxis, the cold queues. I have just grown out of. I am much happier in a pair of jeans and boots, at a nice cocktail bar early doors and waking up on a Sunday shame and hangover free. Call me old, I don’t mind.

Panic buying – Anyone else do this? I get worried I haven’t bought family members enough and start panic buying on a daily basis. Orders off amazon, pick up in shops. By christmas day I have presents coming out of my ears and no idea why I picked the additional five presents up. This year I am writing down everyone present I have bought to try and keep tabs on everything.



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