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This year whilst shopping, I couldn’t stop stumbling across things I wanted for myself. I had been saving ridiculously hard all year, cutting my holidays, not going shopping, turning down nights out, so I felt it was about time I started saying yes to more things. Whether this was for days and nights out or buying myself a little something, December was going to be my month of being selfish. So I thought I would throw together my December ‘treats to me’ haul for you all to see. I know money is tight for everyone in December, but whilst running around trying to find the perfect gift for everyone, don’t forget to take care of yourself. As much as I hate to admit it, I get such a buzz from buying things, usually more so when I have found that perfect gift, but when I walked out of the store with my new boots on Tuesday I had a grin from ear to ear.

Little brown (ish) bootsOffice  I have wanted some new boots for a while, there is no better time to invest in cute boots than at the beginning of winter during the black Friday discounts. I picked these up last week with 20% off! Sorry, I couldn’t find the link to the exact colour.

Jo Malone perfume – Peony and Blush Suede- John Lewis £86–  I have wanted a new bottle of this perfume for a while, but I couldn’t justify £86 mid-month, so I promised myself by December I would treat myself to a bottle. I bought it from John Lewis because they were offering free post and packaging, I live the dream, I know.

Hygge: The Danish art of happiness Amazon £6.49 I have to admit, I bought this book purely for its cover! Just looking at it makes me feel all hygglig. After how much I loved reading about Hygge in the little book of Hygge, blog post here. I was excited to get my hands on some new perspectives on it!


Reasons to stay alive – Matt Haig – Amazon £3.85 I have wanted this book for over a year now, I just always forget to pick a copy up. For anyone who hasn’t heard of this book, I do not need reasons to stay alive please don’t worry! Matt Haig is a British author known for a host of books along with the famous boy named Christmas. This book is Matt’s memoir of when he was 24 and his world caved in, how he didn’t know how to move forward, and what he did to overcome his battle with mental illness. It was an instant success and stayed at the top of the best sellers for 46 weeks! I can’t wait to read it!

Harry Potter and the Curse ChildAmazon £9 – I was really torn whether to buy this one or the new Fantastic Beasts and where to find them book, but as the tickets for Curse Child are like gold dust, I was more likely to see fantastic beasts before finishing the book so alas I bought this one. I am a big Harry potter fan, the first four films set me up for the whole Christmas period so this is going to be one of my books over my holiday.

2017 Diary – Paperchase £14 – Anyone that knows me, will know that being organised and lists are two of my favourite things, so it will come as no surprise that a new diary was on my treats to myself list! I buy these diaries from Paperchase each year and I love them. I went for the smaller size this year to make it more manageable to carry around!

Candle Haul from Primark – I get through candles at an alarmingly fast rate. I have mentioned in previous posts I love the candles from Primark, mainly because they have so many in Grey. I got my sister to pick me a haul of these grey pillar candles one this size and some smaller ones too to tide me over during the holidays!

Johanna Basford – A Festive Colouring bookAmazon £5 I bought Johanna’s secret garden book over a year ago and initially loved it, I was so addicted but I soon grew tired of colouring everything in green. I love the principals behind the colouring books and they are a really good switch off when I am on my own. I didn’t think I would buy another one until I came across this Christmas addition! I love the Christmas illustrations, it makes me feel even more festive whilst watching Christmas movies! For £5 it makes a great secret Santa or stocking filler!




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