15 things I loved about 2016

2016 has not been the year that I think anyone will look back on and say wow what a great year that was, it has shown us that we still have little control over the big things, voices are still not heard, the world is still full of ignorant people and the gender pay gap is still as present as ever before. We lost iconic figures, mourned those that lost their lives in terror attacks and made some questionable changes to our futures. Due to all the negative press, however, some great things took place this year that have been slightly overshadowed, 2016 was still the year of The Olympics (not sure I am off to a great start here) Stranger things, it was the year Leicester WON the premier league, which still means nothing to me other than it meant I saw Kasabian TWICE in one month, Yeah I did! The BFG and Bridget Jones Baby, The Gilmore Girls reunion (still not sure if this actually contributed to the downfall of 2016) planet Earth Two, dusty pink clothes, Andy Murray’s win at Wimbledon and his World number one ranking, Pokemon go – who could forget?? and so much more.

For me personally 2016 has not been a bad year at all, I have had some major highs this year, made some amazing memories, I still love waking up in the morning and knowing that I am going to work at my job. I have made new friends, visited places I haven’t seen before, met my cousin’s gorgeous baby Oliva, had family friends over from America and took major new steps in my life.

I think it is so easy to look back and highlight all the things that didn’t go well in the year, so this post is going to be dedicated to the things I loved about 2016

  1. I moved into my first home, something I thought would never happen, and I love every inch of it. It may not be the prettiest or full of period features, but its mine and I love it. 
  2. I spent a long weekend in Portugal with some absolute babes for Abi’s Hen do, at this dream of a villa, TAKE ME BACK!
  3. My lovely, longest kept friend, got married, had the dream of all weddings and I got very merry with these stunners that are MY GIRLS
  4. I finally got to see Barcelona in all its sunshine glory and I will forever be in love
  5. Dougal came to live with me, and is now enduring a life of constant photographs of his face!
  6. I got back into riding all the time, spending as much time with Rooney and Silky as I can and I have loved it. I am definitely not going to let myself slip back into none horse weekends.
  7. Rocket was born, and well just look at her!
  8. We got Pixie, George’s shetland and she is an absolute dream of a pony, I never thought I’d love a shitland sheltand like I love her
  9. I spent the year watching this terror of a nephew grow up, and call me pip for 4 whole months!
  10. I had a year of making incredible memories, with amazing people
  11. I went back to Cardiff to see the Girls, and finally give Amy a big cuddle and congratulations on her engagement, and tucked into this delightful brunch!
  12. We started Todphurs – This has been a massive achievement, even if we only get this far (which we won’t) I am still so proud of what we have achieved, the things we have learnt, the leap we have taken in trying something new. 
  13. So much family time, but never enough. Days like these will always be the most important to me. 
  14. I started to dedicate more time to my blog, learned how to be more honest about myself and be me. I even gave it a big makeover, because it’s always nice to be out of your comfort zone and learn something new.
  15. I read books, lots of books as part of my new year resolution, and successfully stuck to it, unlike drinking my recommended daily intake of water. Basic survival isn’t one of my natural insticts apparently. 

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