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Christmas Tv -Why Oh Why can’t TV be this good all year round? When the weather is giving you all the excuses you need to not leave the house, the TV guide is there just hammering it home. I love it, I love all the films, the family favourites that start coming out. On Sunday we had a mini Christmas meal run through at my mums, the fire was going and we sat down to watch Paddington Bear, not a film I would have ever picked, but it was fantastic, I laughed so much throughout. I love nothing more, than putting a good film on and sharing it with the family.

Daily Christmas songs at work – Another perk to my work and one I was worried wasn’t going to show its face this year is the daily Christmas songs. The last two weeks before Christmas our receptionist, plays a recommended Christmas song over the intercom for us to enjoy. It spreads so much Christmas cheer and gives me something to look forward to on the long run up to Christmas afternoons.

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate- I am absolutely obsessed with this product from the bottle, application smell and results. JUST EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. My sister got this in her Selfridges advent calendar, she had told me about it and I had pretended to not be interested until one night when she was out and I was in her room like a sly little fox, showered, face exfoliated, I was ready and it was the best bit of sister stealing I have done for a while. This miracle in a little bottle is amazing.

Weekly Moan

All the food! I feel a bit of a fraud, a fake and a hypocrite for even writing this, but going down is all the festive food. I already feel like I am going all doughy and the main events have not even begun, its just social affair one after another. Breakfasts, lunches, dinners I seem to be booked out left right and centre, and it’s not just the food, it is the drink that goes with it too. It’s no wonder come January we are piling into the gyms like our lives depend on it!

Oversleeping on Christmas jumper day – This Friday was Christmas jumper day, I had saved my snowman jumper all month, not wearing it, eagerly awaiting the official Christmas jumper day. I wanted to make myself look all festive and lovely but this did not go to plan. I never ever oversleep, well I do, I have done once already this year but I woke up on Friday morning at 8:05, I had ten minutes to leave the house, I managed it, but I am not sure my make-up was blended in like it’s supposed to, and my hair was still damp from falling asleep with it wrapped in a towel. Definitely not the festive Friday start I wanted at all, safe to say I avoided Christmas photos that day!

December expense – Just when you think you are going to make it through to the end of the month without dipping into savings, riding off free food at festive occasions and crumpets, you realise you have forgotten to buy a host of presents. I  had ticked them off in my head but hadn’t gone as far as clicking order.

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