My Five Moments – December

It is never difficult to muster up some moments you are grateful for in December, regardless of whether you like Christmas or want to bury your head through a difficult period, it is a time we can really use to reflect back not only on the month but on 2016 as a whole.

My December has been packed full, so these are five of my most grateful moments this month.

Family traditions – December for me is packed full of family traditions. My parents split when I was 19 and our family has grown so much over the years that traditions do have to continually evolve, which I am not sure really makes them traditions but the one tradition we do have is that me, my dad, and two sisters always go watch the Tigers vs Saints game at home, I even had to miss a colleague’s wedding we take it that seriously. So on the 3rd the four of us along with two of my Dad’s friends packed into a very full very cold stadium to see Tigers beat Saints 19-11. It wasn’t the greatest of games, but we won, we drank a lot, we ate a lot, I thought I would never feel my feet again and I fell asleep exhausted (from the cold) as soon as I was home. They are always the days I cherish, they are always filled with so much laughter, and I was served coffee by Tom Croft, what more could you want from a Saturday?

Dinner at the Wolseley with the family – Every last Saturday before Christmas, again me, Dad, Hannah and Pip head down to London. It did start out as Dad’s emergency shopping trip but it has now turned out to a pre- Christmas day out. We went for breakfast, to the Shard (which we have a repeat, hopefully, less foggy visit planned for Feb) Borough market, Mayfair to our favourite book shop and then to the Wolseley to meet our Aunt and her Husband for dinner. I was so pleased they both could join us as we only get to see them a couple of times a year. The Wolseley is a spectacular place, it was so grand and the food was incredible, we were seated on the balcony so it was great people viewing, we had some incredible food, an amazing bottle of red. I loved every minute of it.

Seeing Santa with George – oh god this just got me, I don’t know it was the excitement of seeing Santa or the excitement of Christmas through the eyes of a child but on the 21st Santa was doing his rounds of our town so I went with my sister and George to see him. It was the nicest evening, George was perplexed by the idea of Santa as a real person, I guess he’d only seen cartoons of him, but he suddenly went very shy and said a very quiet ‘thank you Santa’ as he picked his sweet. Honestly, it melted me then and there, I have never known love like I love my nephew and spending some of the festive season with him has brought so much magic back to Christmas for me.

The nicest Christmas ever – I always love Christmas, although sometimes due to my large family, Christmas day can be a bit of a stressful occasion, so many places to be and people to please, so I never hold out too much hope, pray we get through the day safely and look forward to the rest of the holidays where I can relax. However, to my surprise, this year was absolutely perfect. I don’t know if it was because we kept things simple, there were fewer people, fewer houses involved,  less emphasis on presents but there was absolutely no raised voices, no arguments it was perfect. I don’t know whether it helped that my nephew was full of excitement for wrapping paper and boxes but it couldn’t have been made any better. The whole festive period was lovely, as I write this I am sat on the sofa with my mum watching Labyrinth with chocolates and cups of tea between us. I got some amazing presents, the most beautiful bag I have ever seen and my Fitbit but for the first time I haven’t felt the need to put any of my Christmas on Social media, a few snaps of Dougal of course (but who could resist?!?) but the whole week has just been about the ones I love and just relaxing, eating a disgusting amount, feeling festively fat and recharged ready for 2017.

Time with friends – This has been one of my favourites of December, I have seen so much of the girls and it has been amazing! Sarah came back from Cornwall and it was lovely to have her back for a few days, it was just so nice to see them all without being a quick catch up here and there between our working days. As I drove over to the pub on Christmas eve I was so grateful that despite everything we are all still friends from school, we still have our Christmas traditions that we have been doing since we were 16 and I am so lucky to have them. On Thursday night I went out with my friend Catherine and her Girlfriend Beth, they are always my favourite nights, she makes me laugh like no other can, I wish I laughed every day like I do with her! Also shout out to Lauren for boxing day who didn’t stop me eating a whole camembert, Abi and Dan for letting me getting festively drunk and hungover on my last Monday at work before Christmas and Lucy and Nick for throwing the best New years Eve party. The added entertaiment on New Years morning, of having to try and get 6 cars out of a soggy muddy paddock with slow success at least made our first memory of 2017 a funny and memorable one!

Here is to 2017, to new memories, new moments and no prosecco!

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