New year, same me.

I am always of the mindset that you don’t need a new year for a fresh start, if you are not happy with something you are the one who has all the power to make that change. However, I do think there is something January brings, where that fresh start seems so much more accessible, you’re in a more positive and determined frame of mind after a good rest over Christmas, it’s that first page in your diary, the optimism of what a new year can bring.

For two years now (I can’t believe we are going into our third year) the girls at work and I have set new year targets for the first and the second half of the year, with a review in June. They are not resolutions but more things we want to achieve, places we want to go or things we want to tick off throughout the year.

Over the years this has lead me to do things I would have never got around to doing, I visited places I hadn’t been to, taken days out, made a conscious effort to be healthier etc and I do genuinely believe because they were at the forefront of my mind and the girls were always there for additional reminders, I have been able to stick to them much better than I would have on my own. I am not perfect and there are many that go untouched, like making it to Spa days, doing and online course or new qualification. But they are still there reminding me that they are still things I want to achieve.

From June to December my goals were:

  • Read one book a month – This was continued from Jan 2016, I loved this, it made me make sure I always had a book on the go. I think reading is such a great escape but it also brings so much conversation.
  • Drink a bottle of water a day – I know its basic survival but when you are in constant supply of tea at work I found it difficult to want to drink water. This wasn’t as easy as the book target, but with my eye candy tigers cup on my desk, it definitely made it a bit easier to stick to.
  • Visit a place I hadn’t visited before – This carried on from Jan 2016 to when I booked Barcelona. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the budget for a third holiday so it had to be Newcastle, it was only a whistle stop tour but it was another thing ticked off.
  • Do an online course or qualification – I thought this was going to be easy, at the beginning of the year I had started Code academy and I was going to continue with it, I just couldn’t muster any enthusiasm so it’s going to have to be something I carry over.
  • Go for a spa day – sob this never happened. Fingers crossed for 2017.

This year just before Christmas we set our first 6 months targets mine this year are:

  • To save *** a month
  • To swim at least once a week
  • To meditate more
  • To see either Aladdin or Motown the musical or Harry Potter and the Curse Child if I win the lottery
  • To read at least two books a month
  • To instigate more hugs- Sounds mad but I love my personal space and everyone takes the mick when my hands are firmly shoved in my pockets when I say bye to them. So I am going to make myself more approachable and hug more people, get ready for it guys.

Really my main goal for 2017 is to be a bit more mindful of myself, to live more in the moment, see more places and worry less. So all the things I am rubbish at.

I am not going to say I am super excited for 2017 because it is such a cliche and I think 2016 has shown what shit can be launched our way! However, I like to be optimistic so let’s keep our fingers crossed and 2017 turns out to be everyone’s year.

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