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Charlotte Tilbury perfume – This may be my favourite perfume of all time, crazy to think I wouldn’t have stumbled across it if it wasn’t for that little sample, some savvy marketing from the CT team there. My little sister bought me a bottle for Christmas and oh god I love it. It’s pretty strong but I cant get over how good it smells. I didn’t think anything would stop me reaching for my Tom Ford of Jo Malone but this has topped both of them.

Zara bag – A friend of mine had already bought this bag, I am not too ashamed to admit I completely stole her style that day. The bag is the prettiest bag I had ever seen, I was sure she had spent a fortune on it, so when I complimented her on it, she said “it’s just from Zara, I only got it this week you should definitely buy it, I didn’t wait a second. I sent my mum the link and told her it was on my Santa list. My mum usually forgets these things and I knew it would vanish out the shops quickly but there it was on Christmas day and I love it. I am so fickle with bags, but for so long my Marc Jacobs hobo had been my go to for everything, but I can’t remember where I even left that. I am obsessed with structured bags at the moment and the fact that it is green just makes me love it even more.

New Year’s Eve – I have never been a fan of New years eve as it always follows a week of me binging on anything remotely unhealthy, lazy nights in front of the fire with a film, family and friends so the idea of New years eve never fills me with joy, late night, new outfit which shows off how much I have consumed over the holidays, horrid hangover, that decision of whether to spend it with family or friends and missing whichever party you didn’t decide to go with. So this year I was quite content with the idea of staying in until my friend Lucy said they were going to have a low-key party at their house. To me it sounded like a better way to see in the New year and decided I would just treat it as any Saturday night at a friends house party. I am so glad I went, I had the best New years I have had for years, we got so hideously drunk, I feel asleep at about 4 am after I wasn’t allowed to have Proud Mary on for the fourth time and woke up the next morning to some of my favourite people. I wouldn’t have wanted to ring in 2017 any other way. So New years Eve has gone up massively this week!

Routine – I have been called a loser several times by my friend already but I was so happy to go back to work on Tuesday. I love my job and I love the girls I work with, so heading back really didn’t phase me. Obviously if I had the choice of never working again and still be able to comfortably fund myself I would take that option but I don’t so this surely has to be the next best thing. I had an amazing Christmas break but I was beginning to waste the days. So when my alarm went off on the 3rd I rolled out of bed with a smile on my face. I was excited all day, I like having to think, I like feeling like I have achieved things and I like routine.

What we are hating on

Prosecco – I can hear you all, I am not going crazy. I love prosecco but I love it too much and that’s the problem, I can drink it easier than water and I get so silly on it. Words come out of my mouth when I have no idea where they came from, I dance like a white girl who has never danced before and I wake up the next day with the worst anxiety, I just turn into a whole new version of me, one I hate.  So 2017 is going to see the back of Prosecco, we are sticking to gin, more dignity, less calories, It can only be a win-win situation, right? 

Saying goodbye to the Christmas decorations – on the 2nd I decided to take the decorations down, I didn’t want to but with a busy week ahead I thought it was the sensible adult thing to do. I won’t lie, it wasn’t a decision I made lightly, I did almost cry, my living room looks empty and I hate it.

Festive fatness – It was all fun and games when I was shovelling pigs in blankets in my mouth faster than you could say Father Christmas, but the January struggle of going back to work, dark mornings without Christmas to look forward to and an oversubscribed gym is no fun for anyone, especially when you are 7lbs heavier and a few tyres wider than you’d like to be.

Pleated skirts – These pretty skirts were popping up everywhere, they were long, cute, classy and flattering… the skirt that had it all,  so I thought whilst I wasn’t feeling my slimmest over Christmas I would get one. I would look dressed up but I wouldnt be wedged in a skin-tight number. Well, I don’t know if it was just the design from H&M but I looked like a whale. I have a teeny waist (I am not bragging) because I have a fat ass and not in that curvy envious way they just don’t go together. Even in a 6 the waist was too baggy and it clung to my bum and legs, in the most unkind way like I had personally done something wrong to H&M and they were getting revenge. Safe to say I won’t be trying one on again.

Post Christmas Shopping – I needed an outfit for New years eve, nothing too fancy so I thought I would nip to the retail park at Rugby, to my horror I couldn’t believe the amount of people there shopping, and really for what? We have just had Christmas, what more could people want? It’s just shit in the sales, I honestly think we are a generation of obsessive shoppers, I managed to get a dress but really the shops were so uninspiring. I don’t get why anyone would rather go to retail hell than on a nice walk and to the pub.

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