My goals for 2017

I know I am a smidge late with this post, as January rolled  in so did every bloggers 2017 goals, the organised bloggers who actually used December holidays not only to reflect but plan what they wanted from 2017.

I spent a lot of the Christmas break drinking and eating reflecting on the year, on the things I achieved, the places I’d seen, time spent with those I love, the friends I didn’t see enough of, the people I shouldn’t have invested so much time and energy in and those people and things I wanted to give more of my time to etc but what I didn’t really do is think of what I wanted to get out of 2017.

I have set some goals at work of what I would like to do before June, you can read here but these were just a handful of broad things but didn’t really dig deep into what I hope can come from these 352 days we have, so these are my more personal goals, the little things I would like to achieve in 2017. They are not set in stone, I am not going to beat myself up in December if I haven’t done them but hopefully, they will put me on the right path.

More Photographs of life and for my blog – I love my blog, I love how writing literally clears my head and takes a huge weight off my shoulders and I have always had a love for photography but I lack confidence in both. I don’t want to ask someone to take photos of me week-in-week-out for my blog, but I have realised that is ok, others do it and they look fab, but I don’t have to. I want more photographs on here and I want to feel more confident taking them so that is the plan.

New Camera – At the moment I have my Canon SLR and I love it, it can take some really good photos but I am addicted to my macro lens, which restricts me a lot if I want some more standard shots. The camera is also pretty bulky so takes up a lot of space in my bag. Ideally this year I will invest in an Olympus pen, they are a lot smaller and lightweight, they are stylish and also still SLR. I haven’t ever used an Olympus so if anyone has any thoughts on these let me know! If funds don’t permit, I am going to invest more time in getting to know my Canon better, Bad workman and all that.

Less phone time –I know I spend way too much time on my phone, or my phone is at least always close to hand, a lot of this is my fear of someone trying to get hold of me when there is an emergency, caring irrational, I know. Now I have my Fitbit, it notifies me when my phone is ringing or if someone has text so I am hoping this can help decrease my unnecessary phone scrolling. I have also decided that phones are to stay away from my bed and used for alarm purposes only – lets be honest it’s probably not going to happen!

More Professional Personal development with Career – I have been at my job for four years now and as I  mention every time I talk about it I do really love it, I have a really great work-life balance, but I do feel I need that kick to develop more, I want to learn something new, get a new qualification, learn more skills with my blogging and grow Todhpurs.

To Grow my blog and Instagram – I started my blog a couple of years ago, work had become a bit stale and I wanted to learn a new skill so in the evenings I taught myself all the basic skills of starting a blog and that was my main aim. After 18 months of blogging I have found I am becoming increasingly more confident in my writing and in myself, in general. I am a lot more open about who I am as a person because if I can write it for the world to see I can say it for the world to hear. This year I would like to give my Instagram and blog a bit of a revamp, make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing, I am trying to change my Instagram at the moment so bear with. The only problem I have is I don’t want to become one of those people constantly changing their insta pages, waiting to post photos so they all look good together, it is so time-consuming and not for me, so we shall see where this one goes!

More time with Rooney and Silky – Over the last couple of years I have been focusing more on my riding than ever before. I know how lucky I am to have the horses and it’s a skill I don’t want to lose but it is also such great therapy. A lot of the time it can just help ground me, clear my head and relax but then there is that sense of elation and triumph when I push myself to do something or jump something I wouldn’t have done in recent years. Rooney has helped me so much and I really don’t think I would have carried on riding if it wasn’t for him, this year I want to have more lessons on him, take him jumping more often and do a bit of XC. Silky is only a baby but I am so proud of how he is coming on, 2017 is definitely going to be a year of improving him.

To take Dougal to the seaside – Dougal absolutely loves swimming, and I really want to see more of the UK so one weekend I am going to take him for a paddle in the sea.

More meditation, Reading and me time- Trying to get this anxiety under control and live in the moment a bit more so I would like to meditate at least once a week throughout 2017. I have also set a target to read at least two books a month which is only 24 books, ideally, I would like to read between 30-50.

More time with friends – I feel in the last year I have completely changed what I value in a friendship. There are some people I have bent over backwards for, been their shoulder and their ear, for little in return. It took me a while to notice they were only around when they are single and then on the other hand not appreciated the ones who always have a door open for me, and an olive branch when things hit the fan. So this year I am going to treat people how I want to be treated and focus on those that are there for me, the ones I enjoy seeing, and the ones I cry with laughter with.

More sights – I really want to spend more of this year travelling, I want to see more of America and Europe really, small city breaks over long hot holidays, I have this itch for adventure/ exploring over sunbathing at the moment. I would also like to see more of the UK, I have hardly spent any time in the North of England and I would like to spend more time on the south coast!

More spontaneity or out of comfort zone plans – My job is to organise and plan so I do find a lot of these elements shift into my personal life as well, leaving little to spontaneity, my days, weeks and months are always planned out so I want 2017 to be more spontaneous, more impulsive yeses and if money doesn’t allow for spontaneity I would like to plan more things out of my comfort zone.

Fitness routine –  I really want 2017 to be the year I love my body, I am pretty happy with my weight and overall appearance but I would love to tone up and stick to a good fitness routine. My Fitbit has already begun to help more than I imagined, I have started swimming, I make a conscious effort to walk more and of course I have my riding so I want this year to be the year where I keep up with a good routine instead of a 3 month panic to try and get a ‘bikini body’.

More memories – After my 15 things I loved about 2016 blog here, I realised how many amazing memories I made with my favourite people last year, and really if I can make as many new memories again then in my eyes 2017 will be a success.

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