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I honestly have no idea where this week went, one minute I was waking bleary-eyed, filled with dread that it was Monday again and next minute here we are Sunday morning about to start the third week of January!

Thankfully tomorrow marks only four Mondays left until spring, which means we only have five of the worst starts until I get my life back. These are my loves and hates of the week just gone.

This weeks Loves

The OA – I have no real idea what this series was about if I am honest, it is another Netflix original that has taken the world by storm. All I know is Prairie Johnson went missing 7 years ago and she turns up with new abilities and a mission. After watching it I still can’t offer you any more information, the ending was a real WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK moment but it was such an addictive series that I want everyone to watch it so I can get some answers to my 100 questions!

Swimming – One of my New Year goals is to swim at least once a week, I used to love swimming but I often find these days I don’t have the confidence to go alone and our swim timetable at the gym is horrendous leaving only a couple of opportunities a week where I don’t have to swim with screaming horrible kids. I found a women’s only session and convinced my sister there was no time like the present and we decided to bite the bullet and go the first week into January. The session didn’t start till 8 so it felt like I was waiting up for a party I didn’t want to go to but a few minutes in I remembered how much I loved swimming, it is just a good way of switching off from any distraction and doing exercise.

Adele / Ed Sheran – He can really do no wrong, he has brought endless cheer to January with two new songs. Like, everyone, I am obsessed with Castle on the Hill, it is so nostalgic to so many of our teenage lives. I love the country/folk sound to it, I know there have been a lot of complaining about Ed changing his sound to fit in with mainstream wants, but regardless it’s a great song, it will be overplayed until our ears bleed with hate and it will make him a lot of money. Of course, he was going to release it. On the other hand, Adele has just remained her babin’ self and I bloody love her.


Cars breaking down – My car battery is pretty much dead, but what annoys me the most is that is has decided to die when I use it the least, so now I need to pay to replace it when I only drive to the gym and shops and back. It has also resulted in two unnecessary jump starts in shopping car parks. Although some good has come from it, I have learnt my Dad is great at rescuing me, My mum’s Husband has taught me how to bump start a car, SKILLS and two lovely men have offered to helped me out when I was abandoned waiting for help, one even pushed my car down Waitrose car park when all he wanted to do I’m sure was get some dinner.

Snow – I mean this should hardly get a mention because we had a light dusting of practically nothing. Don’t get me wrong I love snow for an hour or so, big, deep, fun snow. I love watching the dogs run around in it, the horses having a roll, getting the sledges out but this is not snow, this is a light drenching of sleet. Walking to work on Friday was all the things I hate about British weather, it was wet, cold, windy, I felt like death when I arrived at work, soaked through. Fast forward an hour and all of it had melted away under the glorious blue (not forecasted) sunshine anyway. So much fuss for nothing! 

All the aches – The last few weeks I have thrown myself back in the gym, I have lost 2 lbs already and only have 3 more to go to reach my first target. I had exercised every day but by Friday my whole body felt like I’d been hit, run over, dragged up, pushed back over, trampled on and kicked for extra good measure. I know this means I am making progress but all I want now is not whimper in pain every time I want to move from my seat.

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