How to make Monday a better day

Monday the day of? Well, moons I guess. Monday offers us little but early mornings and dread, so much dread, the prospect of four more hideously unbearable starts, and they seem just that bit worse in the winter. I mean Monday gets the brunt of all our shit, but throughout winter to me they are the cause of so much misery (I may be being a tad melodramatic here). So this is my guide on how to make Monday a better day.

Make Sunday great and prep – We have all seen the idyllic post on Instagram week in week out that states “A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content” but there really is some truth in this. Make your Sunday count, treat it like a Friday night or a Saturday, make sure you feel like you made the most of your free time and got your money worth out of those hours. Then make sure you prep Sunday night, get your outfit arranged, your snacks boxed up so when your alarm goes off getting ready is practically done.

Get in the gym – Crazy I know, Monday done and we all want to crawl home and hide from the rest of the week, but stick your running shoes on and exercise the day away. You will be grateful your week started with a gym session, it sets the week up with a positive start and those endorphins will get you all buzzed on a Monday evening.

Make Monday night girls night – Make plans with the girls Monday night, whether it’s a gym class (probably not), dinner or just chilling out on the sofa, arranging to see friends on Mondays and doing something you enjoy will make you look forward to the dreaded day that little bit more.

Don’t try and start your diet – We all do it, usually after a big blow out at the weekend, a meal out, few too many cocktails and a takeaway to polish off Sunday, we all turn to Monday as our big hope- Monday the start of the week and the start of our starvation  Diet. The most miserable day of the week and you try and improve it by starving yourself?? It won’t work, I am not saying carry on eating like the world is going to end but just try and rein it in for a day and focus on eating better each day of the week, you want your diet to be a habit and a lifestyle, not a chore, so don’t be so hard on yourself, if you need a biscuit or two to make it through your morning, don’t sweat over it.

Plan something great for dinner- And by great I mean it can still be healthy, it doesn’t need to be another delivery from dominos, just picked something you will look forward to and treat yourself at the shops, there is nothing more tragic than a Monday night fridge raid.

Make an effort with your appearance- I know how appealing that extra 15 minutes in bed are, it’s only going to be spent doing hair and makeup, and do I even want to waste good makeup on people at work??? I have those thoughts way too often. Kick those sheets off and go scrub up, walking into the office looking like you actually have a job will give your Monday a much better start than feeling as bad as you look tramp. No one will thank you, go find a brush!

Clean –  Tidy somethings lead to a tidy mind?? Or something like that.  I am not sure how true this is, I have always embraced a bit of creative mess but if you do find that things on top of you stress you out, do a good old detox over the weekend, fresh bed sheets on, wash all your clothes, clean the kitchen. It will make your Monday feel so much easier and more relaxed.

*If all of the above doesn’t work, reach for coffee, coffee fixes everything. 

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