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It is without a doubt that this week will not go down as one as my all time faves. Missing my Nephew’s birthday, being stuck in Newcastle, lack of sleep, Tigers monstrous defeat and miserable weather, but I won’t dwell on the bad too much, I have just got home from a lovely meal with my old uni housemate, his best bud and their girlfriends which was a delight so, these are my weekly charts.

The things I have Loved

Linkee – On the 14th the family and I headed down to Cliveden for our Christmas family gathering. They are always one of my favourite days, delicious food, long country walks and a lot of catch ups. We played this game called Linkee and it was absolutely bloody amazing. I mean don’t get me wrong I was shit but it was so much fun. Definitely going to buy it for future family occasions.

The friend who always builds me up – You know those days where you have those wobbles, well blue Monday was that day for me, I was just so tired and the prospect of such a long week was filling me with all the negative feels, so naturally I turned to my friend Lauren to moan on about how average my life felt that day. Three messages were all it took to get me back on track and talking about Millie Mac’s legs and bum. Not that Lauren was never up, but I have three friends I turn to on days like these and they always know the right thing to say, and I hope I am the same rock, post and pillar back to them as they are really big mood savers.

Waitrose reduced flowers –  I have mentioned many a time about the generous discounts Waitrose put on their flowers in the evenings. I nipped in there Friday night for some dinner supplies and their tulips were reduced down to 95p, the pastel colours are so pretty, I wish I had bought more.

Sundays at my Grandma’s- Is there any nicer feeling than a Sunday afternoon at your Grandma’s? With the rain pouring last Sunday, I decided to go see my Grandma, I use to visit her every Sunday night but our routine just slipped. I got there with rain pouring, a fire going we made a pot of tea, got the chocolate biscuits out and watched rubbish on tv. It was bliss.


The not so much type things

Sherlock– Before you start booing and heckling me, I am not saying Sherlock is going down, just the final problem because it actually terrified the crap out of me, no one wants a creepy clown, in a massive house scaring the shit out of someone, I live on my own, Dougal was asleep, I practically watched the whole episode behind my blanket. The whole episode seemed more like a traumatic ordeal, I can’t even say there was a lot of suspense in it because I could hardly see much from behind the cushion barricade I built up.

Train cancellations – For anyone that followers me on snap chat, Instagram or facebook you will know that all the trains from Newcastle were cancelled on Thursday night. I had been working up there for a couple of days and was so desperate to get home and see Dougal. Sat on the train with a generous supply of Marks and Spencer goodies, I was gutted when they announced that all Cross Country Trains were no longer running. So after the standard call to Mum and Dad (they will know what to do), and then the knowledge that even buses weren’t running the only thing me and Grace could do was book another room for the night. We managed to bump into one of the speakers from the event too, so I had to book her a room as well to add to the already expensive stressful night. To be honest it wasn’t all bad, as much as I wanted to go home, Grace and I found the funny side of it, it was the first time we shared a room at an event so we got all our food, watched trash on TV and started the 6 hour journey back the next morning. CrossCountry trains, however, will be receiving a strongly worded letter!

Fitbit Challenges – I loved the idea of these, encouraging a group of people with a bit of healthy competition, but after the Newcastle ordeal my Friday night which should have been spent writing blogs and catching up on tv turned into a WHOLE night of walking Dougal and pacing up and down the house trying to win the Work Week Hussle. 21,000 steps I did on Friday, which, yeah great I might have burnt a chocolate bar off but it put me behind on everything else. So, for now, I am going to stop this madness.

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