How to stay happy when travelling with work

I have been travelling with work for 5 years now, through various jobs in events and it really is not glamorous as people think. My events have always only been held in the UK and more often than not I am in a new place for 24- 48 hours so it’s not likely that I have time to explore a new town or city.

Five years on and the glitteryness of leaving the office and staying in hotels is really wearing thin, but at the same time there are some elements of this side of my job I really enjoy, I love seeing my event finally come together, I love meeting the people that book and pay to come along, the surprises I get from Cities I didn’t think I’d love like Liverpool and Glasgow and the food, I love all of the food.

I am lucky that my work buddy, is also now a very close friend, I love her company in and outside of work so it makes going away a bit easier. I used to work for a retail company where I would be away for the majority of the week, and although a lot of the girls were really lovely, I never felt like I had that close friend there like I do at my current job and it can make things feel that bit lonelier, longer and a little bit unbearable.

It is so important that I find ways to enjoy being away from home, as it happens all too often. This week I find myself in Newcastle, it is cold, dark and a 5 hour train ride away from home, aside from the fact it is January and I am miles away from Leicester it is also my Nephew’s second Birthday and I know as I write this I am missing out of family time, laughter (probably a tantrum or two knowing George) and memories, memories of birthdays I won’t get. So I have to find ways to make this hotel home from home for a night or two.

(I have to admit I have been very lucky on this trip, the hotel is amazing, the bedroom is massive, sleep is sound (I have been carrying my own silk pillowcase)I have been for a swim and a sauna and I received free chips and free gin this evening which has definitely improved the situation somewhat!)

So this is my advice if you find yourself feeling a bit homesick when you are travelling from work.

Find a snippet of time to explore the area

As I am only in the city for a short period of time, I hardly get any time to see what they have to offer, I do however try as often as I can to find somewhere for dinner in the city and take the architecture and atmosphere in.

Use the hotel facilities for a bit of me time

Enjoy a good breakfast

Spoil yourself with some beauty products


The good things about hotels is that there are no distractions, nothing to put away or do that you would do at home, so for 15-20 minutes before you snuggle into bed, treat your face to a bit of skincare pamper, pack that facemask that you have been putting off and all the new products you have been waiting to try, and treat it like a mini spa night.

Travel with a work buddy or Arrange to meet friends

As I have mentioned above I get to travel with my work girls, and I love their company. Having the two of them with me makes me feel like I have a little bit of home with me, but I know I am really lucky that we get on so well. If you don’t have that friendship group at work, arrange to see other friends if you can whilst you are in the city. When I have events in London, especially if they are on a Friday I try to arrange to see friends after. It means I can use the free travel from work to see friends I probably wouldn’t get to see as often.

Take something that reminds you of home

A teddy bear obviously I would never still do this at 26, A nice candle, pillow spray, your favourite perfume, your partner’s perfume or aftershave, anything that you will find comfort in.

I hope this helps some of you, just remember just because it looks like a good deal to an outsider you are allowed to miss home.


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