Blogs that I love #2

I recently wrote a post on blogs I love to read every day here, but the more I read the more blogs I stumble across and now my go to blogs have grown so much I can hardly keep up. There is so much talent out there, so many exciting insights into new places, makeup, clothes and personal lives I would have never found if I hadn’t started blogging so I thought I would share some more of my favourite bloggers.


Sophie’s suitcase  I love Sophie’s suitcase, it is a really good mix between staycations, European city breaks and luxury travel.

Not another travel blog – To me, this is what a travel blog should be. I get such bad wanderlust from all travel blogs but I find more often than not these days a lot of travel blogs are bloggers visiting places because they have been paid to, and don’t get me wrong the content is great and I learn tons of new stuff, but I already know the Maldives are amazing and staying at the Savoy would be incredible. is exactly what I want when looking for advice on places, cheap ways to see new places, hostels for short stays, what is worth the money, what isn’t and the pros and cons of travelling and seeing things their way. It’s a really good read, I am so envious of all the places they have ticked off.

The Travelista– I have only recently started following The Travelista but it already has shot up to one of my go to blogs to check. Beautiful destinations, amazing photos and some fab content.


Sophie Cliff, Hannah Gale and Kate La Vie are three of my favourite lifestyle bloggers I have been following for some time now, but since then I have also subscribed to these three absolute babes below. Frock me I’m famous blog is massive, you know you’ve made it when you are paying freelancers for content as well, but the other two are absolutly killing it as well. A good balance between life, fashion, beauty and travel.

ImmymayThe Elle Next Door, Frock me I’m Famous


Vix Meldrew is the only Dating Blog I read, she has me howling and is so brutally honest if you know any dating blogs as good as hers I would love to hear about them.


Fitness blogging is the one that I haven’t given much time to but of course, as January rolled in and so did my unrealistic fitness goals, I  was desperate for advice and motivation. But finding a blog you like reading and can relate to isn’t that easy. I love Clean eating Alice on Instagram, she is all the goals and of course Joe Wickes but neither of them have blogs so I read a lot on CarleyRowena and KaylaItsines, I do think Kayla’s blogs are quite obvious but they can give you a new perspective and motivation.

Carley Rowena, Kayla Itsines

Fashion is the only fashion blog I follow. Her blog and youtube chanel is so lovely and she is beautiful, If clothes looked as good on me as they do on her I would buy more.

I love clothes don’t get me wrong but I find fashion blogs again can be so diverse and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for others. I love her sense of style, it’s quite preppy, chic ( I am sure she will love me for describing her well planned out outfits like that, oops) but definitely one to follow.

This is an ever growing list so I will continue to update as new favourites keep appearing on my list, but I am always after new people so please leave a comment and your blog link.

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