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We made it guys, the last week of January done and dusted, one short month of February to go before Spring starts rolling in, I still can’t fathom how I have made it through this treacherous month with money still left over, unless I count on hands and toes how many social gatherings I have turned down since our early pay day on the 21st December. Not pleading poverty this month has quite frankly been one of the biggest achievements of my life.

I have just got back from an absolutely wonderful afternoon in Oxford with the girls, so I am feeling pretty chuffed with this whole week. It may go down as one of my all time favourites.


My weekly Loves 

British TV- I don’t really watch much tv, Netflix yes, but aside from Downton Abbey I never gave British TV much air time (excuse the pun) but at the moment I can’t get enough of it, Tina and Bobby is my obsession at  the moment because I love Michelle Keegan and the 60’s, The Halcyon is incredible and a worthy replacement for Downton (RIP) Abbey, Sherlock, (well until the final problem came along) silent witness, and Taboo I am hardly keeping up at the moment.

Supermarket catch ups – Anyone that knows me will think I have gone mad. These are usually one of the things I hate the most, for an avid social media enthusiast and snapchatter and regular whats app user I hate good old fashioned communication like seeing people or telephone calls. I am uneasy with them, I don’t know how long they will last, how much time I will need to invest and how much thinking I will need to do when my mind is often elsewhere. This Tuesday I had just nipped into Waitrose to get Jacket potatoes, (I was cooking my friends jacket, beans and cheese for dinner, what a host eh?) I had by-passed my aunt in the magazine aisle and hid where no one would suspect and when the coast clear I went back to my shopping. As I was paying I spotted my friend, I had not seen him in so long but still my natural reaction was to duck and dive out of the supermarket but I walked on over and the two minute chat about the chilli he was making, brightened up my day. You know you are heading into your late twenties when bumping into a friend in Waitrose justifies as a catch-up but still for this week supermarket catch ups are on the up.

Spring Creeping in – Ok so I am probably calling this a little too early, but leaving work this week I have noticed that it does seem to be getting that bit lighter, the mornings are a tiny bit brighter and the birds seem to be chirping that bit more. I know it still is only January, and I have promised to live in the moment but with daffodils and tulips on sale in the supermarkets I just can’t help but get excited that spring is just around the corner.

Turning notifications off my phone – I recently read Christopher George’s post on giving up social media for a month, whilst I am not prepared to say bye to Facebook and Twitter for a whole 30 days, he did suggest turning off notifications for theses apps and only checking them when I had time, instead of getting distracted all the time when my phone is flashing on my desk. I have serious FOMO if someone tags me in something I would usually want to know instantly, but I love this idea, it’s such a simple concept I can only see if I have messages, likes, new followers, tags etc when I actually have time to pick up and check my phone.

Not so keen

Time– I just don’t seem to have enough at the moment, I have always prided myself on prioritising and how productive I can be but at the moment I even feel like I am having to schedule in time to sleep to make sure I know what time I have at night and in the morning before work. I have luckily booked some time off work for March 31st gulp.

That is literally the only thing going down this week, I have had an absolutely fab week so we are going to stick to the positives. I was going to add someting on how amazing friends and family have been this week but it was too much so will be saved for a whole post.


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