My Five Moments – January

This is my first grateful moment post of the year, I am pretty excited, about everything at the minute. January has given me a fresh start, a brighter perspective and time to draw a line under things that took place towards the end of last year. I have started this year with new optimism, not so much for what the year can bring but more for the things I want to keep close to me this year.

I don’t know if it’s because I am getting older, I turn 27 this year gulp* but this year spending time with family and friends seems more important than ever, I don’t know if it’s because age creeps up on us, or whether each year I just become increasingly more aware that I only get one life with these people I love and I want to cherish every minute and make as many memories with them as I possibly can. I digress, I am not trying to go all sombre on everyone at all. I just finally feel like I know who I am these days and where I am heading, Fingers crossed anyway, but it feels nicer than walking around in the dark.

January has been a pretty quiet month but I was lucky to see in the New Year with some absolute faves which I have decided is already a good omen for the year ahead. These are my five moments from the past month.

Delayed Family day – Cliveden – As I mentioned in my weekly trends a couple of weeks ago on the 14th we all headed down to my Aunts in Cliveden, their house is situated on the National Trust site at Cliveden Hotel and they are always days I look forward to. They always involve long walks around the grounds with dogs before heading back to lots of lunch and pudding. I love catching up with all the family playing games and the annual lucky dip. It is so nice being away from it all, there is absolutely no signal in the house and I completely lose track of time, It was just what I needed after the rush of the last few weeks.

Kicking off my 2017 goals – Deciding there is no time like the present I dived head first into my 2017 goals, I want to read more, swim more and meditate as often as I can. I have managed to swim every week since the beginning of January, I have already read five books this month, and well meditation I have only done once, I do need to be more conscious of making more time for this, but I feel so grateful that I have just got on and made a start on it all.

Getting on with jobs– When I saw mercury was going to be in retrograde (yes I am one of those people) from the end of December to the beginning of January, I decided it was going to be a time where I got on with finishing things I had started, such as clearing out clothes and sorting the house out. I went back and cleared the air with someone who I felt needed it and just tied up all loose ends. Everyone says mercury being in retrograde is a bad thing but I find it’s a great time to visit things that had been left unfinished.

Saying yes to things that scare you – This year I decided I need to stop hesitating, stop making excuses to things I am not sure on. I want to do and commit to things, a year of saying yes before I can think about it. I am a bit of a wuss, I don’t think I am so much scared of things, I am just very cautious. I desperately want to sort my braces out but I always think what I could do with that money instead of being superficial and worrying about my teeth, would that money be better for a rainy day? I was going to put my swimming off, wouldn’t it be better to start once I felt more confident and a bit more tanned? (glad I didn’t because the other women don’t give a flying fuck).

I am the least spontaneous person I know sometimes, I can talk myself out of anything because what if that time and money could be invested elsewhere? Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people that gather options waiting until the last minute to assess them before choosing, I literally make my mind up then and there, and I am always honest, say it’s not for me, I shouldn’t spend the money, work might be really busy then.

So I decided this year I wasn’t going to be like that, I was going to yes to things see what happens and deal with the shit later, I need to see the world, I need adventures with my friends, extending the kitchen can wait, last year I completely forgot I was still in my twenties and not planning my retirement. It feels so much better knowing that there is a world of adventure ahead and all I need to do is say yes.

Our boots finally arrived  –  I can’t believe after over 18 months of planning, blood, sweat and tears I mean it’s a venture with my two sisters, I am surprised there haven’t been more tears. I am so pleased and excited that our first delivery of children’s equestrian boots are here. I am so proud of the journey we have already been on, the things we have learnt, the things we have taught each other, the hoops we have had to jump through. I don’t think for a second the journey that lies ahead will be any easier but seeing our ideas and visions come together and finally turn into real products makes me literally burst with pride, and as much as I tell them on a daily basis,  ‘I wish I could swap them’ or that ‘I was an only child’ I wouldn’t change them for the world. We have been so lucky with our skill sets that we have been able to get this far. If you want to have a look our website is please give us a follow on Instagram on Facebook it would mean the world.

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