How to spend an afternoon in Oxford

There had been talk of an afternoon in Oxford floating around and I just couldn’t make myself commit, I had so much work to get on with, horse to ride, I felt like Dougal was owed some extra long walks and I just needed some me time, but really a day out of Leicestershire was exactly the only thing I needed.

I have never visited Oxford City Centre before other than to watch George Ezra play, despite Oxford only being an hour or so from my house so I was really looking forward to it. I have spent quite a bit of time in Cambridge and wanted to see how they compare. We only had an afternoon there but I was completely love-struck by this city and definitely booking to stay at the Oxford Castle Hotel ASAP, the day was exactly what I needed after a busy week, it was so nice to get out of Leicester and spend some quality time with my girls.

I will do a full blog post on how to spend time in Oxford when I get the chance to visit again but here is just a snippet of our day. The great thing about Oxford is there was so much to see and explore you really don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time.

Find tea – One of my favourite ways to waste a Saturday afternoon when I can’t be riding is going for afternoon tea. I wanted to make sure Oxford was a cheap day out so I didn’t splash out on any food but our first stop was The Grand Cafe, according to my cup it was the first coffee house in Britain which I could just about to believe. I just treated myself to a Lady Grey (not really a treat, as I had a whole box at home that was cheaper than this one cup). The afternoon tea did look superb though, I would really recommend if you were looking for a traditional afternoon tea whilst in Oxford.

Explore the winding streets   –  On a nice day you could easily be entertained in Oxford without spending any money, between the walks, picnic in the parks and taking in all the history the city has to offer. I could wander these streets all day, even the road signs were idyllic.

Coat- Hollister, Hat and Roll Neck- Zara, Converse, Bag -Marc Jacobs

Visit the Cathedral and the University – The city could easily be mistaken for Hogwarts, the buildings are amazing, it was hard to believe I was in the same country as I was an hour before when I was back in Leicestershire. If you are there for a day or more I would recommend paying to get in to the Cathedral the grounds looked magnificent but there is still a lot you can take in for free.

Find food – finding food, one of my favourite activities! When visiting a new place there is nothing I hate more than when someone suggests a chain, I think they are usually highly overrated, over priced and I can eat at them anywhere. We were hoping to nip to a place called Gee’s but by the time we had finished walking we were in the opposite direction and short for time. Gee’s is an instagramers dream, with light rooms, nordic furniture and avocado on the menu it is definitely somewhere I am going to visit but being on a non-existent  tight budget, I was happy when we stumbled across an old worldy pub that served fish and chips and a good choice of drink, casual benches, and they were showing tigers Vs saints. We tucked into too much food, downed our drinks and headed home.

Short and sweet but it was a day I absolutely needed. We found this nifty little illegal private car park near the city centre for just £7 a day, it was ideally located only a 5-minute walk to the castle, ideal if you are just visiting for the day and don’t want to spend a fortune.

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