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One week into February, and does anyone else feel like this is just a drag out of January? I still feel like I don’t want to leave the house, spend any money and although Christmas feels like a lifetime ago my cravings for cheese boards and wine is still at its peak. Despite the misery of winter, this has been another fab week so these are my weekly trends.

Going up 

Dinner with my Mum – Thursday was my first orthodontist appointment, eek I am doing it this time! After a two-year delay, I have decided I really do want my braces, even if it just makes me love my teeth just that bit more it will be worth it. Strangely my Mum asked if I wanted her to come with me. At 26 I don’t usually take my Mum along to my dentist appointment but it was at 7:30 and I thought a bit of company in the waiting room would be nice so she came along. My appointment didn’t take long then we headed over to Nandos for a quick dinner. My Mum and I never go for dinner together. I couldn’t tell you that last time just the two of us had dinner together, lunch sure, all the time, But not dinner and yeah I know it was only Nandos but I really loved just getting to spend a bit of me and Mum time.

Benefit – They’re real mascara – Does anyone find they buy a new mascara and hate it, discard it to the bottom of your makeup bag and then randomly or you reach for it in desperate need you try it again and absolutely love it? This happened with my benefit- they’re real mascara, when I got it, I found it made my eyelashes spidery but 3 months on its amazing, I can’t stop wearing it. I don’t know if my eyelashes have changed or if there is something about airing/ drying them out a bit, I don’t know but I love it.

Skins- I usually make sure my evenings are spent doing something productive, writing a blog, doing some more work to Todhpurs, reading a book, maybe watch a programme or two but this week I just decided once I had finished my book of the week I was going to have a bit of a Netflix binge (who organises a Netflix binge- I know). I couldn’t be bothered to browse what was on offer but I spotted Skins on the trending section and I used to love love love! skins. Episode 1 all the emotions flooded back. 10 years since the first episode, can you believe it? I was 17 (almost) where on earth has this time gone, I did have a wtf moment when I let it sink in but now I have gone straight back into the nostalgia. Half sad that those days are long gone, but I can’t stop watching it, it was so good for its time.

Sunny Saturdays – How nice was yesterday? I actually feel like Spring is trying to make an appearance. I had an early start, my older sister was dropping my nephew off at 8, but as my alarm went off and I saw the bright blue skies I couldn’t help but smile, the day just seemed so lovely and I really do think the appearance of the sun made all the difference. I sorted George some breakfast sat him down in front of fireman Sam whilst I cleaned the house and opened all the downstairs windows. We then whizzed over to Georges Rugby Tots lesson before heading over to the farm. A nap for George whilst I did more jobs then we took pixie out for a ride in the sunshine, she wore her new numnah of dreams, I got from Aldi (can you believe) just when I thought my impulse buying from the middle aisle were over. I lost the jockey half way through the ride as he was off to a party but took Pixie down to the orchard where my Grandad’s ashes are scattered. This week marks the 14th year since his death and I still miss him every day, he was such an incredible man and I really wish I had the chance to know him as an adult but it was so peaceful being down there whilst pixie stuffed her face with grass. My mum has been away this weekend so I stayed at the farm and with the sunshine blazing down on us and the birds chirping that bit louder and the sun going down that bit later I really do have that spring optimism now!

Going down

Winter – Yesterday has got me even more excited for spring! I feel like we are in Game of Thrones. This has to be the longest winter we have ever had! I have never looked forward to spring so much in all of my life.

Going to things I don’t want to – Recently I realised a number of things, places I go, social gatherings I attend that I just don’t want to go to. So I have just decided to start saying no to things I really don’t want to do.

I don’t want to apologise for having less bad things than good for a second week going but my OCD/ organised ways hates that these are not even, its just when you are in the middle of nowhere with a roaring fire, the rugby, the dog and you are about to have dinner with the big sister there isn’t much you can’t be grateful for!

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