20 things you learn about friends as you get older

You have been through so much, bad haircuts, those firsts, boyfriends, passing out from alcohol, sneaking into clubs with fake ids, heck you’ve probably even hated each other at some point, yet somehow you all manage to pull through and by some weird twist of fate those long summer days sitting on the school fields after GCSEs sunbathing are ten years ago and you are being told you are all now adults and understand more about mortgages, pensions and what is involved in fitting new doors in your house than who is currently in the charts.

These are 20 things that happen to friends in your twenties.

  1. You learn it is quality over quantity, those nights in with the one friend that makes you laugh until you cry will mean more to you than any night out with 20+ girls you can’t remember the names of.
  2. Nights in with brush cotton pjs and facemask used to be words that made you sick to your stomach, now you pray to god they are the few little words that appear on whats app when you ask your girls what the plan for tonight is.
  3. You learn to cut the negative drama out, those that don’t have your interests at heart aren’t worth the time.
  4. You start to reevaluate your life every time one of the girls drops in to tell you they are engaged, getting married, having a baby.
  5. You will identify that friend (or friends if you are really unlucky) who will crawl out of the woodwork when they want something you will learn to tell them to do on, eventually.
  6. You learn that honesty is the best policy, if you don’t want a night out over trashy tv and cuddles with the cat it’s fine, everyone can handle the truth, however tragic it is. But everyone gets bored of flaky flakes who have lied and not turned up.
  7. You will find you have friends that are always there to build you up and the ones that keep you on a string to increase numbers to social gatherings, again you will eventually get rid of these too.
  8. You will thank Whatsapp for helping you hold onto multiple friends in one go and not repeating yourself and hate it with equal measures that you come out of a meeting to 220 messages, 5 memes, 4 screenshots and a voice note.
  9. Every meme or reference to Mr Brightside will be screenshotted and sent to your group for the rest of your adult lives because it will remind you of every night ever.
  10. There is literally no secrets when you live in a town where everyone knows everyone and your group of friends is a large proportion of the population unless you double swear and pinky promise them not to.
  11. You finally admit defeat in trying to get everyone together at once and enjoy the new concept of intimate (anyone that was free) gatherings.
  12. You will have those childhood ones, the ones you clung to through all of the schools and through arguments, fights and fall outs you remain stronger than ever but no one will laugh at your stories because they have no idea what the fuck you’re both are going on about.
  13. Bumping into friends in the supermarket suddenly is the new way to catch up, instead of lounging around on the 6th form coffee shop sofa. MY DAYS, THOSE COOKIES!
  14. Naturally, everyone’s priorities change, you get partners, houses, pets, new jobs in new locations but it doesn’t mean the level of friendship does. Everything and everyone can adapt. Don’t panic.
  15. Your work girls can become your closest girls and the most dangerous for your liver.
  16. Friends you met five minutes ago can show you qualities friends of five years have never shown
  17. You will learn some people are not friends they just wanted your company until they got a boyfriend, these friends don’t get Christmas cards, and always learn the hard way.
  18. Some friends take a bit more effort, a few more prompts, I have one dear friend in Wales I actually just write to and post it because it is just as fast as her texts back, but they are the ones that are worth it. The ones that if you text to say you broke up with your boyfriend they’d be straight on the phone to tell you what a loser he was anyway.
  19. You don’t have to speak to them every day, week or even month to be a close friend, some of my favourite friendships are those I don’t see or talk to often but when we do see each other we just start where we left off.
  20. Those friends that you have now are probably the ones you have selected for the rest of your lives- Sorry Girls!


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