Ten things I do after a crappy day

Some days I get home and I just feel a bit crummy. More often than not the days aren’t bad, in actual fact the day has been great, my friends would have said something that made me laugh until I cried, dogs would have been walked at lunch and I would have had a super productive day, it’s just my mood that is a bit crappy. I have to be honest that these have been few and far between after Christmas, I think the break, plenty of time with friends and incorporating a lot more exercise into my week has massively helped.

Things were great until this week at work which has been exceptionally fucking shit crummy, I haven’t been this unhappy at work since before I started there, so going home and forgetting about it has really helped, these are the ten things I love to do after a crappy day to make sure I go to bed happy.

Candles – Candles seem to creep into all my posts, I just love them, especially in the winter. I have a favorite candle my Mum bought me last year, it is supposed to be gin and tonic, I’m not sure I would say it reminds me of gin but regardless I love it. I don’t know whether it was a happy period of time when I got the candle but the smell just always reminds me of a time filled with excitement so that is automatically how I feel when I light it.

SkinCare – The thought of a good skincare routine instantly cheers me up, a face mask, a layer of fake tan or just some good smelling night oil, knowing I am going to wake up looking brighter and fresh always helps.

Raid my sister’s makeup and wardrobe – I love new makeup but the one thing I love more than my new makeup is my sister’s new makeup. Anyone with sisters will know the excitement they feel when their sister has bought a new haul of makeup home you can’t wait to try out, especially as it means you don’t need to pay for it, same goes for clothes too. I love it when my sister is out and I can sneak into her room and have a look through her new purchases, FYI I am not a super mean stealing sister, I know full well she does the same to me, so much so my clothes are in colour order now and she has still not realised when she tries to put them back!

Cook up a big bowl of pasta! – I love a good pizza, chips, burgers any junk food but on a day I am feeling crappy they don’t improve my mood. I am much happier if I throw together a big bowl of pesto pasta, with a sprinkle of cheese on top, or some butternut Squash spaghetti with cream cheese pesto enough to feel like I am treating myself but not bad enough to feel guilty after I have eaten it.

Whatsapp or see friends – I have mentioned many a time my friends are the best remedy after a crummy day, either starting up some silly conversation on Whatsapp or actually making an effort to see people, I always end up feeling loads better. I have one friend who has me laughing the whole time I am with her. Sometimes the ones that make you feel the happiest don’t live that close so I make sure I schedule in some skype time, face to face is always best!

Pester my Mum – My Mum can drive me mad, sometimes she does something and I swear I will never talk to her again, so, a normal mother-daughter relationship. But on these crappy days if I have something I need to get off my chest and feel silly saying it out loud to anyone else, I always go to my mum, she’s shit at advice and will always end up talking about how wonderful her husband is and completely go off topic, but I have found comfort in the fact that it never changes, and she forgets what I tell her anyway so I don’t need to worry about anyone else hearing about it. As much as I joke she is a gem and it is always reassuring to know she is there to come and check for murderers upstairs in my house if I need her to.

Walk Dougal – I have had Dougal seven months now, and I have loved it, it is amazing what a difference being made to go outside in the fresh air and walk can do for you. I walk every Thursday lunch time with my Dad which I love, but there is nothing better than putting my boots on after work and just walking with Dougal until my head is clear. Space, the lack of material things, just fresh air and countryside puts things massively into perspective for me. I know not everyone can have a dog but just walking on your own works just as well, maybe not in the dark or in a dodgy area though.

Read a book or watch easy TV  – Two very different things but both area great solution. I have just finished reading Matt Haig’s book Reasons to stay alive, it is incredible! He mentioned that we read to escape or find ourselves, but really they are both the same thing. This point struck a cord because I probably do both for the same outcome, to feel happier. I love reading it is one of the only things that switch me off from the world around me. There is a reason shit TV is commissioned and I am hoping it’s not a representation of the nation’s mental capacity and more to do with the fact you can just switch off without having to concentrate on something else, I am not ashamed in admitting I still watch Made in Chelsea and First dates religiously, I love them both.

Music- Sometimes I like to just drown thoughts out, I put my Sonos on super loud (I don’t know how my neighbours haven’t complained yet) and write. Jai Wolf Indian summer always helps me clear my head. I have no idea what it is about but it always just reminds me that there is a big old world out there and if I have had a crummy five minutes in my day there are so many things I can do and places I can go to change that.

Hot Shower and comfy PJs – I would have said Bath but after the water bill this month, I have banned myself from Baths. Showers are now the new fav and those brush cotton pjs  my mum buys me every Christmas with a baggy t-shirt and big thick socks. I may look like I haven’t left the house in weeks but the comfort levels are a 100.

The biggest thing to remember though on this days is that we all have them, you may feel like you are the most hard done person in the world, but we have all been there. Plaster a big smile on your face, and remember a postive mind, positive life….. so they say!


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  • I pretty much do all of the above as well. Just getting out of uncomfortable clothes, Makeup off and hair threw into a top knot. Soup is also a good one, or a cuppa tea. Something very comforting about a hot drink or stogey food like Pasta. Tbh healthy eating gets flung out the window lol.


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