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Going up

Blue Monday – Yo Sushi Blue Monday and not actual blue Monday because that one’s about as much fun as a hangover on a Monday morning whilst the world crumbles around you. Anyway, Yo Sushi, my buddy Izzy and I headed for a catch up at our favorite overpriced haunt that is Yo Sushi. Don’t get me wrong I bloody love this place, I can’t pronounce anything but I could stuff my face all day long on the purple rolls and the fried pumpkin. What I love about Blue Monday is that all the plates are the pretty much (apart from some) the same price as the blue plates which is about £2.85 so you can eat soooo much more. I got 6 plates for less than £20 and left feeling hideously full and the BEST thing about Yo Sushi is you can eat the minute you sit down, just grab whatever you fancy off the belt, no need to wait for drinks, no long lingers over what to have off the menu you can literally just eat until you don’t feel sick with hunger and then start ordering off the menu, I really bloody love this place.

Macarons and More– I came across these guys on Instagram and ever since I have been trying to make my dad stop off there to pick me some up, Norwich really isn’t that far. Every little macaron are not only what dreams are made of but they also do a macaron subscription. Yup, you heard me right. So if anyone wants to buy me an early birthday, Christmas, Valentines because I deserve it – presents, this is the one. Macaron subscription, what a time to be alive.

Making yourself happy- For anyone that read my blog on ten things to do after a crappy day will know this week has been far from ideal, I was massively pissed off and I wanted to wallow in self-pity and everyone feel sorry for me, but I hate that feeling. I hate feeling miserable, I am naturally an optimistic happy person so I decided to just get a grip put some makeup on and find people that make me laugh. You are the only person that can make you feel this way, it’s your choice to get up and dust yourself off, and I swear it works every time.


Going Down

Morons – Literally raining idiots at the minute.

Skins *INCLUDES SPOILERS*– Ok so I know I am yo-yoing up and down from last week, I have binged on the first four series of skins, shamefully, I say it’s nostalgia but I am just obsessive like that. However, this is where it ends for me, I think. If you haven’t watched skins, just don’t, go out, have a life, read something useful, see the world. I obviously lead a very sheltered life because my teenage days were not anything like this. Anyway end of series four they killed off Freddie, hot Freddie, dreamy Freddie, the man of my dreams Freddie (and obviously I am talking about Luke Pasqualino and not actual Freddie), they didn’t just kill him off he got bloody beaten to death by a counsellor. Now he’s gone and their two years are up it’s on to a new cast and I don’t think I have it in me to carry on watching. So much drama, so many tears, I can’t remember 17 being this traumatic, my only concern was learning to drive.

My Mum trying to set me up –  She is honestly relentless, all the time. Apparently staying in with the dog is not a good enough plan for the weekend, I have been ‘married off’ to various men on nearly every night out, she has given my number out, I’ve had a call from a guy I knew nothing about, photos of various ‘suitors’ sent, her showing them my facebook at parties. I like my own company I can’t help it. Does anyone else Mum do this to them?

Snow– I hate it, please just let it be spring already!

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